Adventures in Thrifting

Tucson Thrifting Adventures: Or, Look Ma! I'm On TV! ON THE INTERNET!

Seeing yourself on film is simultaneously the most horrifying experience you can have and the most gratifying experience you can have. On the one hand–do I really sound like that? On the other hand: LOOK! It’s MEEEEEEEEE! (Me wearing my crooked glasses, which was not the best call).

To explain: I’ve some stuff here on Hello Giggles about shopping at thrift stores and all the wonderful and terrifying things you can find there.

I was approached by a student writer, Samantha Munsey, who said she was an “avid reader” of my thrifting column on Hello Giggles. Once she realized that I lived in Tucson, AZ, also, she asked if she could interview me.

She basically had me at “avid reader”–I tried to play it off, like, yeah, I have lots of those! No big! SUPERSTAR GIGGLER THAT I AM.

We both had busy schedules, so we finally found a time to meet at Savers, which was hot and crowded. Samantha was a total professional who actually knew how to use unwieldy sound equipment, and I was very, very nervous. I assuaged my nerves by:

1) Wearing a fluffy pink prom dress;

2) Talking in a rapid and high-pitched chipmunk voice;

3) Making fun of clown figurines.

She put together an impressive video that cuts down my babbling to the salient points, and includes shots of some thrift-store goodies I’d overlooked (BRIDE AND GROOM BOBBLEHEADS! A KITTEN AND BUTTERFLIES PICTURE!). The whole thing was published on the website of our local paper The Arizona Daily Star, which means I’ve officially forced my friends to start referring to me as “local Internet celebrity, Laura Owen” (they love doing this). Samantha’s no longer with the Star, and I thought the website that inspired the video deserved a look at it.

Despite my nerves, I’d love to go back to Savers with Samantha sometimes.

If we do another video, I’m totally wearing a tiara next time.

Featured image via TechNode


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