Tricky Trends, Resurrected

“A trend can be a wonderful thing if it works for you. But if it doesn’t, it’s useless and you can look freaky” – Iris Apfel

It’s no secret, folks: fashion fluctuates in cycles. Just when you thought your jelly sandals had taken their last stroll through the park, those anonymous trend-setters make you to think again.

Despite the countless resurrections of fashion’s past, one principle has always remained consistent: trends are not for everyone. Just because it’s “in” doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Beyond the fact that we all have different personal styles and body types, we have a bunch of other human complications, too. You may even find yourself standing in the mirror asking, “Am I really being ‘me’ in these monster platform shoes right now? Or is this trend just ridiculous?” It’s the age old battle between identity and fashion. I think hope I’m not the only one who’s had this type of inner dialogue before. Tricky trends have been known to incite internal conflict and confusion, at least in my experience.

On that note, I’d like to bring your attention to some tricky trends that are in stores now. Ready for some ’90s nostalgia?

Holographic Shoes + Bags

Somewhere amid the butterfly clips, Lisa Frank folders and inflatable furniture were these lovely items….

Bet you never thought you’d see these shine in the light of day again, huh? Well, they’re back. All you fashionistas probably already knew this. But with summer right around the corner, I can imagine this trend picking up quite a bit of steam in the coming months. Here are your holographic shoes and bags of 2013:

Stella McCartney Olegram Clutch, Stella McCartney Nathalie Wedge

New Look Sally Holographic Clutch, Asos Flare Sandals

Miista Lynn Sandals, Miista Zoe Shoes

Why it’s tricky: Anything shiny and iridescent is pretty damn tricky [in my book]. Too much of it can be a bit severe and overwhelming. That is, unless you want to look like the inside of a magician’s hat.

Like it? Here are some ways to work it: Keep it simple. Holographic accessories pack enough punch to pull together even the simplest of outfits. Oddly enough, a holographic accessory can actually function as a neutral because it goes with just about everything. But be discriminating with your accessories. Simply carrying a holographic bag makes quite the statement. With that in mind, an iridescent shine to the shoes wouldn’t hurt either.

Kate Moss, Rita Ora (via)

More holographic shoes? Sure!

Jelly Sandals

Despite the blisters and sweaty soles, I loved my jelly sandals as a kid. Having the ability to walk around my pool with shoes on was a pretty rewarding experience, and probably still is.

PS – When I talk about jellies, I’m not talking about ballet flats from the ’80s or modern day sandals that are made from “jelly” material (those just aren’t tricky enough). I’m talking about the chunky heeled ’70s inspired jellies AND the caged-toe flat jellies from the ’90s.

Melissa Aranha T-Bar Shoes [Pink], Melissa Aranha T-Bar Shoes [Black]

Juju Jellies Maxi Sandal, Juju Jellies Babe Sandal

Nasty Gal Emma Jelly Sandal, Topshop Nina Jelly Sandals

Why they’re tricky: Look at them. Of course they’re tricky. They’re like a cross between Crocs and gladiator sandals (and maybe something else I’m not thinking of). I tend to believe the chunky heeled sandal versions are a little harder to implement into your wardrobe than the flatter versions – but again, that’s just me.

Like them? Here are some ways to work them: Amid all this trickiness is an opportunity for jelly sandal-wearing greatness. My advice: treat them like a normal pair of sandals and see where it takes you. I know that sounds like useless advice – and maybe it is – but you’ll never know ’til you try. If you have (or want) neutral colored jellies, they might be easier to match with an ensemble. When it comes to the wonkier colors, my advice would be to pair them with a matching outfit, or an outfit with complimentary colors.

Matching Colors: Elle Fanning in Pink Juju Babe Jellies (via)

Complimentary Colors: Neon Green Jellies on Black (via)

An economical piece of advice: Darker colors are great for versatility and every-day wear. They could also translate well into the fall months (if you’re down to wear them with socks).

Not into the caged toe? Understood:

Solange Knowles in Diane Von Furstenberg Jaya Jelly Sandals

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