Track of the Day: "Treading Water"

Alex Clare. To crib a line from his single, “Too Close,” there’s nothing I can really say. He next leveled the pop game with his debut album The Lateness of the Hour last summer and has FINALLY CROSSED THE POND. Incorporating influences from NOLA brass jazz bands to electro Skrillex-esque interludes, Clare recalls a spiked Jamie Cullum (whom you should also check out, ICYMI). He has a soulful and nuanced range and his tone is butter.

The entire album is worth checking out, but his cover of “When Doves Cry,” “Too Close” and “Treading Water” are standouts. Other reasons why I love Clare: He’s handsome without being in your face about it. He’s British. He has three first names (Alexander George Clare). Love a good first name only name. AND HE’S JEWISH. Le swoon, love me a nice Jewish boy. Runs with a crew including Diplo and Major Lazer, because, hello why not? His facial hair is going to be famous. Adele is a fan. ADELE IS A FAN, FULL STOP. While “Too Close” is Clare’s most popular song, “Treading Water” is an oddly uplifting, off-tempo ballad meets inspo-anthem. Do the damn thing.

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