Toy Fox Terrier Vs. Baby Pygmy Goat

Sunday, Sun-day, SUNDAY! Marvel at the muffiny spectacle of two relentlessly cute competitors locked in a battle to the death thing they do after they get tired of doing this! Fuzzy noggins will roll collide adorably as two evenly matched opponents from totally different species find each other literally forehead-to-forehead on the Lawn Chair of Destiny! Which one will stand alone atop the Folded Jeans of Judgment to hear the chants of “GOOD BOY” from the assembled masses, and which will fall perilously close to the Pool of Ultimate Sacrifice?

SPOILER ALERT: nobody actually falls in.

Will it be the plucky and populist toy Fox Terrier, serving up a Cinderella story so archetypal it would make Jackie Stewart himself choke back Formula-One-finish-line tears; or will it be the exotic, mysterious baby pygmy goat, showing all the natural talent and aggressiveness of a young Muhammad Ali? It’s all here: the drama, the pathos, the excited barking (and the assurance that after the video stopped, they kept doing this all afternoon)! You can buy a ticket for the whole piece of deck furniture, but you’ll only need to get a waffle impression on your behind from… THE EDGE!

Video by Jme1611 on YouTube

  • Maria Jose Rojas

    Gol! My dog turned when the puppy barked,this video is so cute! I bet the kept at it all afternoon but finally the pygmy goat won…They’re awesome like that

    • Heather Watson

      Glad you enjoyed it. And I think the real winner is all of us!

  • Robyn Pennington

    Aww it’s so cute! Where on earth did you get a baby pygmy goat? I might have to get one, so cute (jk, there’s no room for a goat at my place, though the idea is entertaining)

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