Totally Justine: An Interview with Justine Ezarik

I recently went to a Sharpie Hello  event for One Direction. It was hosted by Ariana Grande, who I got to interview. That interview will be up next week. Today, right now, I’m sharing my interview with someone I really like, Justine Ezarik. I had to transcribe it because, well, the place was full of Directioners and you know what we do? We scream, a lot. So the videos are noisy. Still, we got to SAY HELLO to One Direction, thanks to Sharpie!

Hi! I’m Ruby.

And I’m Justine.

I’m very excited to be here because I am a huge fan! For those who don’t know you, what do you do?

I’m iJustine. I make YouTube videos and I’m excited to be here!

Awesome! So my first two questions are for personal reasons. What camera do you use? I really want a great camera, because I’m always taking photos and making videos.

I have it right here! This is a canon S100. I film all my vlogs and sometimes music videos on here. The audio is great! I also sometimes use my iPhone.

Oh yeah, your iPhone channel! What do you edit with?

I edit with Final Cut Pro.

I can’t use that! It’s so hard!

You learn!

Haha. So why do you love One Direction?

I’m a new One Direction fan.  I always heard their music on the radio and their songs are great. And now I’m learning who all the members of the band are, and they all have different personalities, and it’s great. They’re really really cool.

Yeah. My favorite is Niall. Who is your favorite?

Louis is my favorite.

Why is he your favorite?

I feel like he is really outgoing and I was watching this one behind the scenes clip on the iTunes special, and he was just like chilling in a shopping cart! I mean, that’s like, totally something I would do.


Yes, we’re like best friends already!

What inspired you to start making videos?

I have always loved video production and editing. It’s really cool because you can basically do whatever you want. You can make anything. and the best part is is that you learn to do it. I just really loved expressing myself through video and make people laugh.

Yeah, you make very funny videos. Why did you name your channel iJustine?

It was really weird because my name is Justine, and every time I would try to log in places, like online, years and years ago, probably around 2002 and “Justine” was taken everywhere! And I’m a HUGE Apple fan, as you probably know. This was when the first iPod came out! I was like, “Alright, I’m just gonna throw an ‘I’ in there.” And here we are, 10 years later!

iJustine! Crazy. What are some of your favorite channels?

Oh my gosh, I’m a huge Joshsunquist, he does all kinds of inspirational vlogs and Jenna, my sister! Yeah, I mean, I watch SO much on YouTube. And shaycarl, too! I love shaycarl.

I really like BrittaniLouiseTaylor.

Oh Brittani, yes! I love Brittani. She’s great and she is one of those motivational people and always has a great attitude. Brittani, I love you, too!

I also like Shane Dawson, except I cant watch him when my mom’s around, because he isn’t very child friendly.

Yeah, my mom says: “Don’t you be watching that Shane Dawson!” so we just won’t tell her.

Why do you love YouTube?

I think I love YouTube because it really is a place that anyone can express themselves. Anyone can post a video. Anybody can just say whatever they want!

Good and bad.

Yes, good and bad! I always try to keep my videos very positive,  very family friendly, because there’s just a lot of kids out there!

I really like Kingsley. But he’s super inappropriate.

Yeah, but he’s really funny!

I know! Well, thank you very much for letting me interview you!

Thank you!