Top That: Yeah You Better Believe This Is A Teen Witch Post

Teen Witch (1989) is just a fabulous film and the “Top That” rap scene between Polly and her crush is a personal favorite of mine. It’s one of those movie scenes that I’ve tucked away as inspiration for my own life. Polly was so timid at first, but with the help of Louise Miller her teen witch bestie, she’s able to confront Rhet and impress him with her rad rhymes. Of course we can’t all be friends with Louise THE teen witch, played by Robyn Elaine Lively, sissy of Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively. However, we don’t need magic to be Polly. We can all look up the lyrics and take an afternoon to memorize them. I’m not sure if you’ll ever have an opportunity to actually rap to your “Rhet”, but regardless, knowing the “Top That” rap is a pretty reputable party skill to have.

In fact, memorizing the rap bits of any song is cool, right? It used to be a favorite activity of mine growing up/now. Some of my favorite raps, which obviously include “Top That”, were in Waterfalls, Let Me Blow Yo Mind, Perfect Gentleman, Ghetto Superstar and 4 My People.

Polly taught me at a young age that it’s okay if you’re not going to put up with guys that think they’re “all that” and it’s even more okay if you happen to like these guys as well. She adores Rhet, but she puts him in his place.  Although, it’s really less about her being a dominant female here and way more about how they are a perfect rap duo and really challenge each other for the better. I mean, that’s what love IS. Don’t you want that in your man? I think Polly would tell us that she wouldn’t want to be with a guy that couldn’t drive her into a rap battle frenzy. I feel the exact same way.

If you haven’t already, take a minute to watch the scene above. Let it inspire you. If there is a guy that you love and hate right now. Just tell him – like Polly and see what happens. You can do it! Also, I have included one more Teen Witch scene here, which I am a freak for remembering, but watch it. Louise’s brother Richie may be my favorite character- in anything- EVER.

PS. If there is ever a remake  made of Teen Witch called Tween Witch – I will be horrified , but definitely still see it.

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