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Top Ten Tweets I Like: Oct 15 – Oct 21

Sometimes choosing tweets feels like curating a museum, but like, a bit more important. This week I’ve gathered a really stunning exhibition of twitter art, so I implore you to saunter up to each of these, ponder for a moment, sigh, squint, and nod like you definitely “get” it. Read these picassos and laugh and follow and appreciate art and laugh!

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Listen, it’s no secret among those who know me that I am constantly hoping society will make it okay to wear hats again. The Royal Wedding came close, but those crazy brits went too far and it scared people away. Hats are so cool you guys! Guys look super suave, ladies look refined but mysterious. Help me out with this.

Random Tweet of the Week: Fancy Hats

What amazing news! Children ARE the future! Don’t listen to her, kids in chinos and fancy hats, I fully support your sense of style and panache!

That’s all for this week, have a happy weekend and remember: my opinion totally matters!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000059608761 Hernandez Diaz


  • http://www.facebook.com/brittwould Britt Bulens

    These are hilarious Ellie!

    “If my skin were any more sensitive it’d be folding its arms and giving one word responses.” HAH

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