Top Ten Tweets I Like: May 27- June 3

Hey ladies and/or gentlemen, my name’s Shelby and I spend too much of my time on Twitter. But that also means I get to see some great comedy every day (and for free [FREE!]). So I thought I’d share a few tweets I liked from the week, and one tweet I find by typing in a random word to the search bar. If you spot a tweet YOU like, or an account you think I should check out well SHUT UP this is MY column (guys wait that’s a joke, come back!)

So here are Tweets I Like of the Week:








































In honor of summer, the word of the week is Graduation:




Sorry guys, I checked. No follow up tweet. You’ll have to imagine your own ending to this puzzling mystery.


Happy Friday everyone, and remember, my opinion doesn’t matter!

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Shelby Fero likes some things but dislikes others. She has three siblings, two dogs, and an inferiority complex. Feel free to email her things you like at

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