Top Ten Tweets I Like: June 4 – 10

Hey guys, this is Shelby. While I’m jet-setting all over the world (taking a European train while smushed between multiple burly men and women), I asked my fellow Twitter, and real life, friend Ellie McElvain (@EllieMcE) to step in for me this week. So here are the tweets SHE liked this week:

Be Advised: Some use of adult language.

Follow @MrsRupertPupkin



Follow @justinshanes



Follow @Ahm76


Follow @kumailn



Follow @Superfluously



Follow @joewengert



Follow @DamienFahey



Follow @robdelaney



Follow @ladybirdj



Follow @sbellelauren


Hey, this is Ellie now. Since I’m contaminating Shelby’s article with my sweaty zit-faced opinions, I decided the least I could do is choose a random word that comes from a special and intimate place for both of us. The word of the week is Hedgehogs:


Ryan – may I call you Ryan? – Okay, Ryan, I have a tip for you: Hedgehogs are adorable little bundles of perfect and if I were so lucky as to have the living situation that could facilitate hedgehog ownership, I would drive 4+ hours, nay, 4+ days, (but let’s be honest, not 4+ weeks) to purchase my new best friend and confidante. Looks like you gotta SACK UP or BACK UP. Is that a thing people say?

Well, this was your twitter round up for the week. Thanks for reading even though I’m not Shelby (yet.)

  • Ellie McElvain

    Who is this Ellie McElvain chick? Why should I listen to her? SHELBY COME BACK FROM EUROPE I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS AMATEUR NONSENSE!

    • sophia

      Let’s try and be positive here. Ellie we are very grateful and think you did an amazing job. thanks

    • Ellie McElvain

      Thanks! It was so fun!

    • Marianna

      LOL! Oh girl, for a second I thought someone was talking smack.

  • Morgan Louise McGregor

    Here in NZ, Hedge hogs are generally running free and wild. I helped a sick one when I was younger 😛
    But my mum said it was dirty and yuck… Granted, it did smell a bit.

  • Laurence Barber

    I like Ms McElvain as much as I do Ms Fero so this pleases me immensely. P.S my phone totally just auto-corrected Fero to Ferocious so that is an awesome wrestling name if need be. My phone already had your name in it Ellie from all the unsent sonnets I have written for you.

  • Christy Strickland

    i’m not sure if “sack up or back up” is a thing people say but it is definitely part of my vocab starting NOW!

    • Ellie McElvain

      yesssssss let’s make this happen

    • Laura Guarraci

      that phrase has INSTANTLY been added to my catch phrase rotation. along with “breeders” which is a word i learned yesterday from my gay friend that he calls straight couples with kids.

  • Tali’Zorah Haberkamp

    “sack up or back up” wasn’t a thing people said before, but it is definitely a thing people say now

  • Shelby Fero

    Ellie you did a very good job but SHUT UP for a second – Morgan how much does a plane ticket to New Zealand cost and is it frowned upon to live amongst the ‘hogs (as I never call them)??

    • Ellie McElvain

      You know I’m going with you, right?

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