Top Ten Tweets I Like: June 10-17

Hey guys, I’m Shelby again. If you read the last installment of TTTIL (we’re workshopping the acronym) then you know I say that because @elliemce took over for me last week. If you didn’t read it then I hope you assume I am a shapeshifter. And if you must assume I’m a shapeshifter, please then assume I was in a cool shape. Like a teapot or experimental jetpack.












Word of the week: PIZZA

Look, guys, you can keep your Edward R. Murrows and your Anderson Coopers and your Katie Courics, because I’ve got the best young investigative mind in the bizness (how cool people say “busyness” [how dorky people say “business”]). And that young mind is @SophianTheGreat, a man who’s not afraid to ask the tough, posterior question. So fly free, young Sophian, and hope your journalistic integrity stays pure and ass-ey!

Happy Friday, and remember, my opinion doesn’t matter!

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