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Top Ten Tweets I Like: July 30 – Aug 5

Favstar was down for a majority of this week, which made life hard. Like, if a tweet goes on the internet but no one sees the fav, how many people die of starvation every day? Anyway, I was able to grit my teeth through the pain of not receiving instant gratification for my enlightened humor (Ellie’s most recent tweet at time of submission: “What about Swedish clogs on a giant squid?”) and in turn, continue to enjoy my favorite tweeters in silence. Read and follow and laugh and brush your teeth!

Twitter picture of scott aukerman talking about his dog
Follow @scottaukerman

Tracy Marquez loves the movie obsessed and gave it a standing ovation
Follow @tracy_marq

@seabrown loves judging people based on their glasses and that is great
Follow @seabrown

Justin Shanes fathered a fully clothed baby
Follow @justinshanes

Follow @sofifii

screaming into the abyss
Follow @aparnapkin

Follow @vazqueztyler

shelby fero talking about taking hostages
Follow @shelbyfero

dave ross talking about beef
Follow @davetotheross

Follow @ladybirdj

This week while cleaning my room I found my 7th grade diary. Girls, I KNOW! It’s amazing and at one point I write, “UGH I wish online chess was NEVER INVENTED!!!” so you can take what you want from that.

Random Word of the Week: Chess

I get it! (He wants to marry a check)

Have a happy weekend and remember: my opinion totally matters!

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