Top Ten Tweets I Like: July 2 – July 8

Hey guys! It’s Ellie McElvain again (or @EllieMcE as the Internet knows me), back to regale you with my favorite tweets. Shelby isn’t traveling anymore, she just spent too much time abroad and is taking a “Siesta” or “Dirty lazy European communist nap” this week. The article is feeling especially proud to be an American as this tweet roundup includes the 4th of July! So, go on, git, scroll through snippets of humor provided by my favorite weirdos, and never look back.


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Word of the Week: Hangnails



You guys, I have been having a terrible time with my nail beds. It’s like we’re in tropical hangnail season and my hands are New Orleans, circa 2005. That was a Katrina joke? I decided to poll the people and guess what, there is consensus: hangnails are bad. Thanks for your insight, Destiny, Keri, Reptar. Especially you Leo, love that enthusiasm. Let’s murder hangnails!


Happy weekend, everyone, and remember, my opinion totally matters!! Moisturize your cuticles.


Ellie McElvain can be found blogging (or as her grandma calls it “baluging on the Internet machine”) on Tumblr and writing her own tweets on Twitter. You could follow her too, I suppose.

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