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Top Ten Tweets I Like: Aug 27 – Sept 2

After an excruciating week without the top tweets, I’m back. You guys, I had STUFF to do. I’m a very busy and important lady. Tell everyone you know. Very busy. Very important. Definitely not lazy and bad at task-managing. Without further ado, I present my favorite tweets this week courtesy of some truly fantastic human beings, so read and laugh and follow and tie your shoelaces:

Follow @yoyoha

Follow @molls

Follow @mulaney

Follow @mollyfitz

Follow @iamenidcoleslaw

I urge you to follow @peteholmez and read all about his fake wife Helen.

Follow @jasonmustian

Follow @mollymcnearny

Follow @conanobrienswyf

Follow @dadourianbow

This morning I realized that a toaster oven isn’t just another name for a toaster, but actually a baby oven! Which then opened up a million possibilities: cookies, bacon, a very small sylvia plath doll, ANYTHING!!! Does everyone know about this toaster oven situation? I hope so.

Random Word of the Week: Toaster Oven

Damn straight, I support all working ladies treating themselves to a nice, new toaster oven. Men are temporary, baby ovens are forever.

That’s the scoop for this week! Have a happy weekend, and remember: my opinion totally matters.

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