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Top Ten Tweets I Like: Aug 13 – Aug 19

This was my last full week at home before I jet back to college. Not actually on a jet. I fly Southwest. Really great snacks. Anyway, I’ve been spending my time darting around on errands and appointments and generally looking frazzled. But you know what was a metaphorical shine serum for my non-metaphorical bad hair days? These tweets. It’s a really great batch this week. Southwest snacks level delicious? Please don’t question my intros. Read and follow and pet a puppy today!!!

Follow @weismanjake

Follow @jordanrubin

Follow @molls

Follow @bengraubart

Follow @bornferal

Follow @bridger_w

Follow @superfluously

Follow @rejecter

Follow @carrinoe

Follow @brandamonium

Today I talked to one of my favorite gals, Shelby Fero, about tampons, farts (won’t specify whose), and handwritten gold-leaf lined novels. She’s starting college and I’m trying to start a small business that is just people paying me to make faces at their outfit choices in shopping montages.

Random Word of the Week: Beginnings

Ahh, the great Asian philosopher, Saying, continues enlightening us to this very day.

That’s it for this week! You’re all invited to come over and help me pack up my stuff. Have a happy weekend and remember: my opinion totally matters!

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