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Top Ten Signs You're Losing Your Sanity

I love this book!

10. Everything that would normally make you cry makes you laugh instead.

"My grandma died! Yipee!"


9. You eat salt.

"And then the doctor said, you need to cut back on salt, and I said, I need to cut your face. So I did! Are you and Maggie coming to our dinner party on Thursday?"


8. You feel safest hiding under your desk.

The '80s were a hard time for everyone.


7. You sad for trees they get cut down and go boom!



6. Today my mommy wished me good luck and I saw a balloon!

I love this book!



Batman capture Hulk!


4. It’s hot inside of here I am not a leopard in the jungle.com.

It is time for champions this time.


3. My face is on fire!

Print this for a Magic Ticket to Japan limit one only.



A beepity beepity boo!


1. Auiywefakjbfasg139810238! JGduqyewrwqw? 238092482398472398 asjfgskcjgyrt–



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