Five Ways Something Ruined My Life

Top Five Ways Something Ruined My Life: Dawson's Creek Edition

You know how sometimes you just love SOMETHING so much it just ruins your life? It could be a movie, TV show, actor, food, place or ANYTHING, and it just takes over your entire brain and you think characters are your best friends and you even copy their fashion or speech patterns? Or you say about an actor, “I KNOW we’d be BFFs in real life”?

Well, I do.

The January 1998 debut of Dawson’s Creek (I was in 8th grade at the time) forever altered my life. I knew immediately from the promos that I needed to watch the Creek ASAP and often. I watched it religiously for its entire run, which lasted until my freshman year of college and, like so many things I have been obsessed with over the years, it ruined my life. But in the best way possible.

Because of Dawson’s Creek:

 1.     I Think Everyone Will Love Me For Being a Snarky Brunette

I think we all know what I’m talking about. This show made every girl think she was and, more importantly, SHOULD be Joey Potter. Did that make me unnecessarily tease new blonde girls in my school (behind their backs)? Yes. Did it also make me think I was a lot more clever than I was? Yes.

But it ALSO made me ASSUME I was worthy of a guy who would love me for being difficult. And for being holier-than-thou. And for being a bit of a know-it-all. And for being an outright jerk to newcomers who wanted to steal my always-been-a-best-friend-but-I’m-secretly-in-love-with-you boy from down the creek. Which is something I can’t let go of. It’s not always welcoming to people but it does make for good comments like, “Oh, so you’re FEISTY.”

Having brown hair and the ability to mimic the classic Katie Holmes move (tilt-your-head-down-lift-your-eyes-up-at-the-person-you’re-talking-to) is a deadly combo.

2.    I Make Big Life Decisions Hoping to One-Up Dawson Leery

Obviously, Dawson Leery LOVES film. We can tell that from his Spielberg posters, natch. But more importantly, he may have made ME think “Film School” was the only option for college.

Even at 13, I knew I wanted to live in New York City. I had Friends and Felicity to guide me to that point. But then I had to scheme how to get there. I loved movies and I loved talking about movies so I was basically told, “Okay, if you can get accepted to NYU for film school we’ll pay for that.” So duh, I applied to NYU for film like nobody’s business and was accepted early decision.

I totally forgot (until my recent full series re-watch) that Dawson got REJECTED from NYU for film school. This episode first aired on April 11, 2001, which was 5 months before I applied to NYU and 8 months before I found out I got in. So now, after graduating 6 years ago, I sometimes wonder if I didn’t decide to go to film school just to one-up Dawson Leery . . . but at least it worked if I did.

3.   I Think It’s Insanely Easy to Own a Restaurant or Become a Chef

I mean, how many people actually, in life, own successful restaurants? Not a lot. How many people own restaurants in the world of the Creek? Practically everyone at one point or another!

Joey’s family owns The Ice House; then after her dad burns it down, she and her sister open the Potter B&B out of their own home.

Then, it turns out Dawson’s dad, Mitch, has always dreamed of opening a restaurant; so even though his mom cheats on Mitch, they obviously still open Leery’s Fresh Fish together!

AND even perpetual slacker Pacey starts working in a restaurant and is a NATURAL (obviously) and at 26 owns the same restaurant everyone else used to own!

Grams is, apparently, the only one who didn’t harbor fantasies of running a diner. Which I will forever be upset about.

4.     I’ve Had Arguments For No Reason

So I already said I was addicted to the Creek from the get-go, right? So, obviously, I was aware it got criticized for using unnecessarily large vocab words and for generally being very, “Oh, we’re teenagers but so deep.”

But the thing is, this totally influenced my first relationships. I distinctly remember having a fight with a high school boyfriend where I may as well have been acting out a scene from the Creek. I basically had nothing to be upset about but just was really interested in testing out my Joey Potter faces and line delivery.

This one might be one of those “You Know You’re a Sociopath When…” kind of revelations but let’s let that slide.

5.     I Have Unrealistic Expectations About Romantic Gestures

I think the biggest and most important way Dawson’s Creek ruined my life was all of the amazing things guys have done for Joey over the series. Pacey bought her a wall and then took her sailing all summer, Jack (before he realized he was gay) let her paint him naked, Dawson wrote every movie and TV show his entire career ABOUT her, her college professor (played by a huge crush of mine – probably due to this role – Ken Marino) pushes her to continue writing (and also kisses her in the process) and even Chad Michael Murray’s character, who initially dates Jen, does a series of HUGE gestures for Joey involving her singing with his band and him wanting to change his life just to be with her, etc etc.

Not one of the aforementioned things have happened to me . . . ever. Or to anyone I know. So why would the Creek lie to us all?? WHY?

Many more things contributed to Dawson’s Creek ruining my life. I’d love to say it’s because the show was on from when I was 13-18 but The Vampire Diaries ruins my life weekly and I’ve only been watching that at the age of 27.  I like to think it’s because I have a lot of feelings. But probably it’s just because I’m perpetually 13 years old.

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