Top Five Tweets I Like of the Week June 24-July 1

If I know one thing about irresponsibility, it’s this: I am irresponsible. That’s why I forgot to post this column last week on this esteemed site. And now I am sitting in an internet cafe (a Euro every 15 minutes!) in Ireland (pale people!) that is mercifully still open (it’s the future here!), so I am forced to truncate my usual ten spectacular tweets to a pitiful six. I’d like to say this is the kind of unprofessional behavior that you shouldn’t come to expect from me but HEY, did you know that leprechauns are the shoemakers to fairies? Weird right!

So here you go, six tweets of the week!






And in honor of just who I am as a person (it’s all about me y’all! Especially when I say “y’all” – who do I think I am??), the word of the week is irresponsible:


Damn straight Brent! In the 21st century literally anything is possible. For instance, right now, I myself am literally solving a Rubik’s cube blindfolded, lowering the temperature of the room to -1 degrees Kelvin, and mocking a stranger from the internet I’ve never met – it would truly be irresponsible to not be doing one or all of these things at once!

Happy Friday everyone, and remember, my opinion doesn’t matter!