Top 5 Spiritual Happiness Essentials

A spiritual life need not require mantras at dawn and daily yoga on the beach. When I started out on a spiritual path, I found that I had to slot my spiritual in alongside my everyday. I didn’t have time, money or inclination to make a pilgrimage to India. As a working mother of a toddler, I now must find the spiritual in amongst the nappies, tantrums and trips to the park. My spiritual path is not made any the less powerful by the fact I cannot afford, or do not have the time to undertake spiritual journeys, outings or spend hours of my day meditating.

In writing my book The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living, I discovered that a spiritual life is one that is very much mixed in with the mundane, everyday going ons. I am passionate about the fact we are all spiritual, we are all spirit, and that the only spirit we will ever need can be found inside our own hearts and souls.

Your life is as spiritual as it gets, even in all it’s chaos, perfect moments and in the boredom too. Every single event can help you to live and learn, better and stronger. So with this in mind, and without any requirement, other than a little bit of mindfulness and thinking on your part, here are my top five Spiritual Essentials to getting the most from your spirit and soul.

Without a doubt, the most powerful tool in your spiritual box is the ability to hear and feel your Intuition.

Your intuition will be a thousand times more accurate about what is right for you than even your beloved mom or your best friend. Your intuition is a fast track connection to a higher, eternally powerful version of you, a part of you that is connected to the mega-power and wisdom of the universe. Yes, you read that right, you have a hotline to the universe, the angels, god, goddess (whatever you want to call it).  The first step to utilizing this is simply to listen. Start to be aware of your gut instinct on things. Respect it, do as it says, watch how things unfold. Listen to the voice in your head that whispers gentle, loving advice – you know, the one you usually ignore! As you do this, you will soon start to see that your intuition is never wrong, your heart is always right and the more you listen, the louder that voice becomes and the better choices you will make!

Become mindful.

This is more than just about intuition. To really become mindful, we must start to observe the craziness of our own minds. In doing so, we must then actively stop the craziness, simply by stopping unhelpful or unhealthy chains of thoughts and replacing them with positivity. Meditation is key to this, though you don’t necessarily need to meditate like a guru. Rather, take a few seconds to acknowledge your mind and dismiss thoughts. Take time out from worrying to do something that absorbs you, such as art, reading, cooking, walking in nature, gazing off into the sky… Becoming mindful helps you to step out of your own way and get to know the real you, the essence of you. It is a powerful step to transforming your life and getting soulful with your self.

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