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Top 5 Signs That You're Graduating From College

1. You’re getting out and you still have NO idea what you’re doing with your degree.
What do you mean I have to apply my Social Sciences degree to real life and find a job that fits it? It’s not like I can take my passion (learning something new everyday, crazy right?) and make a job out of it. Right?! Right….?

2. You’re horrified at the amount of debt you’re in.
Wow $20,000 and I still have to pay for graduate school?! I could buy my car twice with that kind of money!!! Well looks like I’ll need to part ways with my right kidney…I guess I was never too fond of it anyways.

3. Suddenly you become an insomniac.
I used to sleep like a baby prior to the knowledge of my impending graduation. Now I find myself staying up in the wee hours of the morning FREAKING out. What am I going to do with my life?! (See #1 above)

4. Everyone has it all figured out but you.
All of your friends know what career paths they’re taking. Then there’s people like me, like oh hey I majored in studying history, political science and sociology. Go me!

5. The idea of the “real world” still seems like a mythical land.
I don’t know about all of you out there but I am so not ready for the “real world” yet. What does that even mean, “real world”? Have I been perpetually stuck in a fake world these past 15-16 years that I’ve been in school from kindergarten to now my fourth year at my university?

I guess what I am trying to say is hopefully (oh please), there are others that feel this way too that are about to finish school and are FREAKING out. Well, you’re not alone. Maybe not to the extent to which I am freaking out but everything will be okay. We’ll find our niche in this world and get our careers whatever they may be.

Hopefully I’ll find a job where I can lay in a field of flowers full of baby puppies and kittens. I’ll get back to you all on that!

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  • Alexis Casso

    I still feel that way and I graduated not even a year ago! I miss school!!! :(

  • Kelsey Taylor

    I am graduating in three weeks and the only thing I’m feeling is relieved! No more papers! And social sciences are the best. I will use my anthropology degree every day of my life, although not necessarily for work. And if you are freaking out, go to the career center! Colleges are amazing and want to help you find internships and jobs. You just have to ASK. I never would have guessed museum fundraising and nonprofit work for myself, and here I am! Go graduates, go!! You rock! Don’t doubt yourself for a second!

    • Valeria Suazo

      Aww thank you so much Miss Kelsey that is so sweet of you to say :) I am taking this whole graduating thing one step at a time…I’m not ready to grow up yet.

  • Erin Cochran

    I feel the exact same way! So nice to know that someone else is feeling all this crazy, weird and sometimes unexplainable anxiety that I’m feeling too.

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