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In honor of Father’s Day, I would like to give a shout out to all the TV dads out there who helped raise us. I love my dad lots but I won’t deny that there were many times growing up that I wished some of these TV characters could be my “real dad”. I watched way too much TV growing up, but really, who didn’t?

Here are the 5 dads that I either really admire or just really need in my life. Either way, they shaped my youth, so to that I say thank you.

My favorite drama/soap of all time is Beverly Hills 90210. Jim Walsh, father of twins Brandon and Brenda, needs to get some acknowledgement. Jim could be strict, (not letting Brenda go to Mexico with Dylan), he could be silly (remember when he got the home Karaoke kit? Embarrassing!) but most of all he was loyal. I truly think that the reason Brenda lost Dylan to Kelly is because of the great morals her parents installed in her. If you are a fan and remember well, Jim wouldn’t let Brenda go meet up with Dylan that night and hangout with his deadbeat dad. But you know who was allowed? That Kelly Taylor! Kelly lacked serious parental guidance and it really showed throughout the years. Brenda on the other hand was raised by a good man and that shows! My one issue with Jim is that he moved so far away from his kids, but at least he waited for them to be in college, classy.

My Two Dads! The other day my friend, who is a new mom, said that her kid came home from school and said, “Jacob told me he has TWO DADS! How come he has two?” My friend’s response – which I thought was genius – was, “Isn’t he so lucky? He GETS to have two dads!” Honestly, when I think of the TV show My Two Dads, I think of being jealous of the fact that they had two dads… and that the judge always scared me. This show is really forward when you think about it. I’m proud of it being apart of my youth. I also adore Paul Reiser in a way that is sort of weird. I want him to be my father-in-law but then also my husband, so it’s complicated.

I love a good foster child storyline, Annie is my favorite movie. Punky Brewster relationship with her foster parent Henry Warnimont (George Gaynes) is just beautiful. The way Henry cared for Punky Brewster taught me at a young age what unconditional love was all about. Also, I have to note that if I could have a dinner party filled with my favorite people of all time, it would include Soleil Moon Frye. I need to put that out there. (Haven’t you guys read The Secret?) Henry treats Punky like she was his own, and really shows up for her all the time.

Bill Cosby is a great father, husband, doctor, dancer, eater of bad food. He loves his kids but he isn’t afraid to call them out or tease them. This show was good – so good that I don’t think there has been anything as good since for family comedies. Bold statement, I know. My one complaint with Bill was that he never treated his kids like they were kids, but they always treated him like he was a kid. Let the man be, let him have a sub sandwich if he wants, just do it.

This might seem like it’s out of left field for some of you but to me, Dan Conner is a great dad. Dan really handles a very unusual family dynamic. He is constantly surrounded by sassy, sarcastic women. From his two daughters to his wife and even his in-laws, he can’t escape the females. All he has is his son DJ and the boys at the shop. Dan handles this all with such class. He knows when to excuse himself from the room, he knows when to be comforting and most importantly, he knows when to be helpless. I also really respect that he was a hard working man who wanted to always try and do the best for his kids within his financial means. That’s all we can really ask from our fathers – to just love us and try. Side-note: remember when Dan had a heart attack? That was a lot for me, emotionally.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, grandpas, uncles who act as dads, and all the father-like figures out there. THANK YOU!

  • Candice Lesage

    Where’s Keith Mars ?

  • Katie Naugle

    Remember the Father’s Day episode of Cosby where Theo procrastinated on buying a Father’s Day card, and ended up with one that said, “You are like a father to me”. And then Cliff gave him a questioning look, and Theo said, “Sorry dad, the only other card left said, ‘Now that I’m a father too'”! HA! Oh the hilarity. Man, I watch a lot of Cosby.

  • Kristi Hawks

    Dan. conner!

  • Lacey Cobb

    Mr. Leery, Dawson’s Creek. Total hottie.

  • Claire Fogarty

    Where’s Sandy Cohen!?! Sandy is the best dad ever. He is endlessly caring, funny, and smart. Even if he knows his kids won’t like him for it, he does what’s right for his family. Plus he can solve any problem. Stole a car? Burned down a model home? Stole all of your clients’ money and have to file for bankruptcy? Girlfriend shot your brother? Sandy can fix all of that in a tidy 3-episode story arc! And then he’ll go surfing.
    Not to mention the fact that he and Kirsten raised Seth Cohen who was my first love.

  • Liz Carey

    allan motherfucking matthews.

  • Georgina Christofi

    Dan Conner ftw!

  • Molly McGrane

    Ha, love this. The way you feel about Paul Reiser, I feel about Dan Conner. Don’t ask me why?!!?!!

  • Carrie Cook

    Dan Conner isn’t out of left field at all! I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t put them on their ‘top tv dads’ list.

  • Jennifer Still

    Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince missing from this list is a total travesty, girl.

  • Heather Lewis

    Where is Burt Hummel on this list?!

  • Christy Weiss

    I wish this list was longer and included Mike Brady, Howard Cunningham, and Andy Taylor ( aka Andy Griffith)

  • Kara Tumminello

    I would have been way upset if Dan somehow escaped this list. Tearing up just thinking about the heart attack.

  • Karissa Garcia

    I love you Sophia, but the fact that Coach Taylor isn’t on this list really upsets me. Like, almost to the point of considering you dead to me. He basically played dad to an entire city of teens!

  • Sara Salim

    I’m disappointed Sandy Cohen isn’t on this list.

  • Molly McAleer

    Dan Connor is my dad.

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