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Top 10 Sexiest Male Musicians

Do you feel like gazing at photos of hot musicians and then arguing over who really is the hottest and who I left out? Great, read on!

10. Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones

Totally normal.

To be honest about this whole situation, I only feel obligated to put him on here, he doesn’t really make me swoon. Although, okay, fine, he had about four years where he was actually totally sexy.


9. Kanye West

Needs more layers.

Yup, I put Kanye on here. Stop throwing up, I don’t care if you don’t understand.


8. Serge Gainsbourg

I defy you to find a photo of him where he is not holding a cigarette.

Let’s be real, dude’s got a face like the Aggro Crag, but his voice is so sexy and he’s so smart and talented and well-dressed that it doesn’t even matter.


7. Ludwig Van Beethoven 

Dat ascot.


6. Beck

Beck's mom reminded him it was picture day.

For about 20 years Beck looked like a teenager and then BAM, 40. Still hot. Mostly. This one time I saw him in concert and my feet hurt. I think that’s all I got here.


5. Roger Daltrey, The Who

Oh God, he's got the dent thing, I can't resist the dent things.

The Who are not respected enough in this country (USA) and that upsets me, but they kind of walked into that when they sold out to “CSI” and their 6,000 spin-offs. Hopefully they…won’t get fooled again. YYEEEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!


4. George Harrison, The Beatles

I mean, obviously.

He’s got cheekbones that can file your nails.


3. Jarvis Cocker, Pulp

I want to sleep with common people like you.

His dance moves are so good that watching him somehow got me pregnant. So weird.


2. Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Wings

Words fail me here, just look at pictures.

Screw you, dog.


Just looking sexy smuggling a baby, no big deal.


Look I'm just enjoying a vanilla milkshake, or maybe it's a glass of milk, who cares, it's none of your business, look into my eyes.


He was a hipster before there were hipsters, boom, hipster paradox.


Abs, someone look at his abs.


1. David Bowie

I don’t have to explain this one, just look at all the evidence.

And screw you, Kurt Cobain.


Fhghgffccsjhf goooo.


Oh hey guys, it's just me wearing a t-shirt of me, and then I'm going to put this on a t-shirt.


David Bowie demonstrates proper gun safety.


I don't even know what day it is, who cares, I'm David Bowie, days don't even matter, someone get me a lighter.


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