Apocalypstick's ApocaLISTTop 10 Hottest Vice PresidentsAlmie Rose


10. Joe Biden

joe biden

Hey girl let's hang out later, I got 'Firefly' on DVD.


9. Nelson Rockefeller

nelson rockerfeller

Hey girl, I may be on the cover of Time, but you're the real time of my life.


8. Henry A. Wallace

Henry A. Wallace

Hey girl, I'm just gonna sit here chill as hell, let me know if you need me.


7. Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson painting

Hey girl, thanks for loaning me your coat, you can pick it up later back at Monticello.


6. Richard Mentor Johnson

richard mentor johnson

Girl, I know how much you love stubble so I hope you like my chin moss.


5. John C. Brekinridge

John C Breckinridge

Girl, you smell good.


4. John C. Calhoun

John C. Calhoun

Girl, I love it when you wear that green cardigan.


3. Calvin Coolidge  

Calvin Coolidge

Whatup, girl? No one makes me feel as dapper as you do.


2. Theodore Roosevelt

teddy roosevelt

Listen girl, I shot us a bear for dinner but if you're a vegetarian now I'll give it to starving orphans instead.


1. Al Gore

al gore wedding

Girl, let's make our first dance to 'Fix You' by Coldplay.


Eeeeee!! What do you think? Do you think Paul Ryan would make a totally hot VP? IDK you guys!!!

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  2. You should check out Electric Needle Room’s President songs

  3. I’d be all over Calhoon! ;) And yea…Paul Ryan would definitely have to be on this list, haha.

  4. Calhoun. Solely for the fact that he digs green cardigans.

  5. #5 will give me nightmares for weeks!

  6. Al Gore was a sweet, sweet honey dip? I’d date the crap out of younger him!

  7. Paul Ryan is the antichrist. He reminds me of every frat boy date-rapist ever. :-\

    Calvin Coolidge was hot though, even if he did run the country into the Great Depression when he became prez.

  8. You’re right, Sarah! That would make sense with Caitlyn’s linked picture.

  9. John C. Brekinridge looks really REALLY creepy

  10. There is something horribly creepy and wrong about #5. I mean, I don’t believe in vampires but c’mon that is weird.

  11. No. 4 looks like he had an Afro but someone painted it out!

  12. Biden with his hair plugs makes the list but Dan Quayle does not..? Deeply flawed.

  13. http://www.nndb.com/people/902/000043773/calhoun55.jpg

    All I have to say is: this list is flawed. ^See link above.^

  14. #5 is amazing.

  15. I just love it when Almie gets political

  16. Haha this is totally random, but I love it.

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