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Top 10 HelloGiggles DIY Gift Ideas

There’s only 11 more days until Christmas, 13 more days until Kwanzaa and you’ve almost missed Hanukkah! Panicked yet?? Fear not! This holiday season HelloGiggles is your one-stop-shop for great gifts that you can whip up this weekend. If you’ve got more time than money or are just longing for the lost art of handmade, then you’re in the right place. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been sharing some of my favorite herbal DIY gift ideas with you and today I wanted to showcase some of the herbal goodies that I’ve shared in the past, along with some of the other great herbal and non-herbal DIY’s that other HelloGiggles writers have posted.

Citrus Salt

 This great DIY is easy and fast. You can make it using ingredients from the grocery store, pop it into some pretty jars and voila!…instant gifts.

The Ultimate Sweet Treat: Homemade Toffee

This yummy treat is for the candy lover on your list. Make a batch of this chocolate topped toffee, break it into pieces and wrap them up in some pretty brown parchment paper and tie it all up with some string for a natural, handcrafted look.

Easy Marinara Sauce (vegan)

This vegan, gluten-free marinara sauce makes a unique holiday gift. Cook up a batch and pour it into mason jars (often available at grocery stores) and top with a pretty label or package it together with some fancy pasta noodles. This makes a great gift for the hard-to-buy-for guy on your list because, seriously, what guy doesn’t like to get food??

Calming Oatmeal Facial

This recipe is from my first HelloGiggles article and at the time I wanted to celebrate my new column so I made little facial kits for some of my friends. I found little bottles to put the honey in and put the dry ingredients in a small muslin bag, then tied the whole thing up and attached a small instruction label. They were a hit and as a bonus, you can make extra for yourself and do the facial after you’re done packaging up all of your holiday gifts!

Make Your Own Candles

This post is from Mother’s Day but is great for this time of year, too. Choose the type of candle that fits your gift-making personality and go for it! These are quick and easy gifts that can be given to anyone.

DIY Wrapped Candle

If you’re not feeling the Make Your Own Candles post, then perhaps this is the solution for all of your candle gifting needs (people have those, right?). Wrap up the candles using papers and colors that your recipient will love and you’ve got an instant gift simple enough for a child to make. In fact, that’s probably a good idea, if you’ve got a young kid looking for a fun DIY gift, this just might be your answer.

DIY Cupcakes in Jars

Cupcakes in jars! Need I say more?  These are such a fun idea and who doesn’t want to get a cupcake packaged in such a unique way?!

Ditch Your Dryer Sheets…Freshen Laundry Naturally with Herbs

This is another one of my favorite herbal tricks, replace dryer sheets with herbs and reusable dryer sachets. This makes a unique gift and is great for the person on your list that is into saving the planet and eliminating chemicals from their home. Plus you can make one for yourself too, bonus!

DIY Wreath Out of  Wrapped Wrapping Paper

So, maybe you were really gung-ho this holiday season and you started buying great holiday gift wrap ages ago but now you’ve fallen down on the gift buying/making part (it is exhausting, after all). Don’t let that paper go to waste, make these fun holiday wreaths instead and you’ll be covered!

10 Morning of Mother’s Day Gifts

And finally, for those of you who accidentally get snowballed (pun intended) by the holiday season, here are some more great ideas inspired by Mother’s Day. They are all great last-minute, quick and easy gifts that’ll make you look like you’ve been planning your gift giving for weeks!

I hope this helped you find a DIY or two and you’ll be able to get them knocked out this weekend, which would mean you’re done early this year! Cheers to you!

All images are from the original articles that they are referencing, just click them to visit the post.