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Top 10 Break-Up Movies

I’m bored and I should be doing my dissertation, so naturally I am reviewing 10 films instead! My top 10 movies for after a break-up. We’ve all been there and heard those same old excuses:

– “I think we should see other people.”

– “You deserve better than me.”

– “We’re not working out.”

You’ve cried your eyes out. You’ve stopped yourself a thousand times from texting them. You’ve questioned yourself and tried to convince yourself they’ll take you back. Now all you want to do is wallow in self-pity and begin the healing process – how can you do that?

MOVIES (and ice-cream).

Here are my ranked favorites and why they help us get over them (and ourselves).

10. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

For when you want to call him.

This movie will remind you NOT to call. Not only is this movie hilarious and about an actual break-up (as opposed to a love story), it hits a few home truths and reminds you just WHY your ex is your ex. After his TV star girlfriend Sarah breaks up with him, Peter takes a holiday in Hawaii to forget about her, only to discover that Sarah is there – with her new music star boyfriend! This movie is funny, beautiful and reminds us that we always deserve better than the person who gave up on us.

9. Mamma Mia! (2008)

For when you want to forget about him and smile.

For me, ‘Mamma Mia!’ doesn’t particularly hold any special messages about relationships and break-ups – perhaps it does for other people. But for me, watching this movie was all about singing along to the well known ABBA tunes and generally having a wonderful time laughing at all the characters. So stick this on, get your hairbrush microphone ready and belt out the feel-good tunes!

8. The Notebook (2004)

For when you want to cry about something else.

Now, Nicholas Sparks is one of my all-time favorite authors (if you haven’t already, check out some of his other love stories), but this particularly beautiful love story really shows how you need to work hard on a relationship, and how love does exist for everyone. This tear-jerker will also tug at your heart strings and have you bawling your eyes out about something other than your own lost love, and will have you cheering on the characters in their own little love story rather than pining over your own.

7. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

For when you need a reality check (and a laugh).

Most people will know of our dear old Bridget and can relate to the various disasters she experiences in her urban daily life. Bridget finds herself going from notorious spinster to caught in a love triangle, and whilst battling along with the bad luck life throws at her in her hilarious and clumsy manner, records everything in her diary. This movie will bring you back down to earth, remind you that you can handle life and make you laugh (and cry) at the same time with Bridget’s wonderfully blunt charm.

6. My Sister’s Keeper (2009)

To remind you that life does not revolve around romance.

I watched this movie about 2 days after my last break-up – admittedly, with the intention of indulging myself in a good old cry. However, what this movie instead made me realise is that there is so much more to life than romance and relationships and made me appreciate my life and my family so much more. This movie made me feel selfish for self-pitying myself as much as I had (everyone needs to feel sorry for themselves after a break-up, but perspective does need to be accounted for). This beautiful story WILL have you crying, but you will also have this new found appreciation for your life, which is always a good thing.

5. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

To remind you what not to do, now and next time.

I’ll admit, I only watched this the other day, and afterwards I wondered why it had taken me so long to do so. It’s one of those cheesy, American movies where there is a conflict, resolve and love at the end. Which is the perfect kind of movie for when you’re down anyway. What this movie also provides, however, is a wonderful checklist of what NOT to do. After a break-up we all want to call him, text him, contact him because in our minds, we can change his decision. But this movie reminds us of the importance of self-respect, and the fact that if we put too much pressure on guys then they probably will run away screaming. This movie will make you feel liberated, strong and beautiful.

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  • Isabella Mari Jhocson

    There’s a Filipino film titled “One More Chance” I think it’s the BEST break up film of all time. Hope you can buy/download it somewhere with subtitles! There are lines like:

    “You had me at my best. She had me at my worst. And you just took that for granted.”

    “Is that what you think? I just made a choice.”

    “And you chose to break my heart.”

    • Phoebe Valenzuela Stroup

      girl, that’s the best break up movie of all time… popoy and basha forever ♥

  • Jill Mayo

    What about The Break-Up? It helps to understand that sometimes breaking up is the best

    • Alzaena Ulya Rusdimi

      Yup The Break-up should be up there. One of the most realistic break-up movies.

  • Erika Natale

    I feel like there’s one really important one left off the list — Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! Erasing someone from your mind after breaking up with them?! One of my favorite films of all time.

  • Laura Mireia

    Addicted to love!!

  • Sonja Karbo

    What about 500 Days of Summer, Say Anything, Definitely….Maybe, Some Kind of Wonderful, Princess Bride (not really a break-up but I love watching it after one!).

  • Madi Jantsch

    500 days of summer is on there vvvvv

  • Stella Flygare

    What about The Holiday, Love Actually, You’ve got mail, Sleepless in Seattle and Imagine me and you??

  • Josh Cohen

    Okay, I could think of a lot that this list is missing, but two that should definitely be on here (perhaps instead of Hitch) are “The Way We Were” and “Sex and the City: The Movie.” The first is a great movie about two people who fell in love, despite being complete opposites, and realize in the end that they just can’t be together. All they will have are the memories they made. The second movie is great because of many reasons. 1.) It’s a chick flick. 2.) The main character gets stood up at the altar, deals with a post-stand up depression, and rediscovers herself and the true meaning of love. 3.) All of the characters go through unique love epxeriences that could be useful to watch during a break-up.

    • Charlie Braim

      Those are both good movies I agree! :) But my idea when writing this was movies that would help deal with a break up and the reasons why, not specifically films about break ups – these are just the ones that helped me every time I wanted to pick up the phone :)

  • Danielle BROoks

    HJNTIY is one of my all time favorite movies! Perfect break up movie 😀

    • Amanda Ratliff

      What is hjnity?

      • Amy Owen

        He’s Just Not That In to You

  • Megan Matthers

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind definitely!

    • Tatiana Daugherty


  • Alzaena Ulya Rusdimi

    From the first time I read your title, and all the way through the bottom-up list, I only kept thinking about HJNTIY and whoop there it is. The winner.

  • Nikki Patten

    I am so glad you included 500 Days of Summer. I am currently listening to the soundtrack while I lesson plan :) And I re-watched the movie recently and I was shocked by how moved I felt after the “Expectation vs. Reality” montage– I just feel like everyone can relate to that moment when you find out that the person you think is the “one” is never going to be yours. Such a good movie!

  • Terri Williamson

    Hope Floats

  • Tatiana Daugherty

    Ruby Sparks is on my list. It illustrates how you really don’t even know what your “perfect mate” will be like, even if they’re a figment of your imagination.

  • Nancy Walsh

    An Affair to Remember with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr! One of my all time favourites. Breakfast at Tiffany’s of course. And the first Sex and the City movie. Those are all my go to break up movies.

  • Jaclyn Kleier

    Watch Blue Valentine. It’ll make you feel better about every terrible relationship you’ve ever had!

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  • Ash Nieto

    I watched “Sex and the City” the movie when I went through my break up. Nothing like shoes, martini’s and girlfriends to lift the spirits. A new hair color helps too :)

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