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Top 10 Best Outfits In Disney Films

“Really? I mean, seriously?”

10. Vanessa (Evil Human Ursula) and Prince Eric’s Wedding Outfits

Watch out, Wills & Kate! It’s all about Vanessa & Eric! Come to think of it, I see your wedding gown inspiration, Kate. The long brown hair let down? The long sleeved white dress? Admit it, kate. You just want to be…PART OF HIS WORLD. YOU WANT THINGAMAMABOBS? HE’S GOT TWENTY! Ariel had a fantastic pink dress, no doubt, but Vanessa’s wedding ensamble takes the wedding cake (I know, that one hurt me just typing it) and it’s mostly because of that gorgeous hair and sinister look. Say yes to the dress indeed!

“I know how much you like birdseed. Happy birthday!”

9. The hooded cape that Belle wears for about 8 seconds in “Beauty and the Beast.”

This hood is so fierce. It’s a maroon color with what appears to be a white fur trim. Belle wears it when she and the Beast are singing/narrating how there’s like, something there that wasn’t there before and then they have a snowball fight. This cape/coat thing is so Marc Jacobs you guys, seriously.

“Where are my keys? I lost my phone.”

8. Millificent’s…I don’t know what the hell she’s wearing, but it’s awesome.

That cape! That staff! That lipstick! Those horns! That dragon transformation! What kind of game are you playing, Millificent? You’re like the Lady Gaga of the Disney world. Ra ra ra ah ah indeed! That cape is just pure poetry; girl knows her body well.


7. Cruella De Vil’s classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” meets “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane” ensemble.

OK no doubt this chick is straight up insane but she’s also a working woman and she just wants to wear nice clothing, and if wearing fur is truly a crime then why didn’t somebody lock Belle up in a castle? Oh I guess they did. Anyway Cruella steals the show in this floor length fur coat over a very Audrey LBD with elbow length red gloves. The matching handbag is a glorious touch. You’ll notice that the coat is lined inside with a fiery red, to match her lipstick! Perhaps her only falter in this look are the circular Lucy Ricardo green earrings. Those are a little, “Wha hoppen?” But everything else is dead-dog-a-riffic!

“Yeah…um…I just kinda keep everyone around on Limited Profile.”

6. Gaston’s “No one goes stromping around wearing boots like Gaston” outfit.

It’s no secret that I heart Gaston. He’s probably the reason why I am so messed up when it comes to men. But no one’s neck is as incredibly thick as Gaston’s! And you cannot deny the guy’s ability to pull off a ponytail and leggings. Sometimes Gaston pairs his brown leggings and red tunic with sturdy mustard colored gloves in what I only can assume is leather, because after all, Gaston uses antlers in all of his decorating. What a great guy, he just loves all animals!

“Liza with a Z!”

5. Tinkerbelle’s LGD (little green dress)

Look. Just because Tinkerbelle has no voice of her own and desperately follows around a boy who can’t commit doesn’t mean that she’s not a strong independent fairy-woman, ok? There is something so 90’s raver meets Marilyn Monroe about Tink’s shorter-than-short green dress matched with pom poms on her shoes and, of course, lots of glitter. And good choice to keep her hair up in a messy bun; I know when I’m busy helping one of my ten-year-old friends kill a pirate the last thing I want to do is worry about my hair!

“I just get the feeling that you’re not over your ex, Jafar.”

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