Today You Can Watch the Kitten, Puppy and Fish Bowl LIVE!

Not everyone is into football (shocker!) so as a fun and cuddly alternative  NatGeo Wild, Animal Planet and The Hallmark Channel are having their own play offs.

The Kitten Bowl The Hallmark Channel is throwing a star studded event, so if you are in front of a TV tune in today and watch The 1st Kitten Bowl!

The Kitten Bowl!
Puppy Bowl X The most popular of all of the animal bowls, the 10th annual Puppy Bowl (with an awesome halftime show, too!) begins at 3pm PST and you can watch here:

Puppy Bowl X!

The Fish Bowl: If cute and cuddly isn’t your cup of tea, NatGeo Wild is having their first Fish Bowl starting today at 6pm:

*main images via THC & AP

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