Today Was A Fairytale: The T-Swift Experience

Last week, I went to a Taylor Swift concert. One word – AMAZING! That was probably my favorite concert I have ever been to, and I am not just saying that. Taylor is so fun and sweet. The thing about Taylor Swift is that she is relateable and acts like a sweet 21-year-old. She doesn’t come on stage in lingerie and pretend it actually covers her or curse the whole show. She is a great role model.

Throughout the show she wore the cutest things. She started the show in a cute gold dress that was seriously TO DIE for. During the course of the show, she changed into a ton of other cute dresses. My favorite dress was the one she wore for ‘Enchanted’.

Another thing that is great about Taylor Swift is that she doesn’t “strip dance” (my way of saying “dance like a stripper”). She talked to the audience and really made you think about how much she actually appreciates everything. The funniest part of the show was when she said “Hi, I’m Taylor” – no, duhhhhh!!! She is seriously the nicest person. She sang the best songs, and my favorite 5 (I couldn’t do just 3 favorite songs) ‘Story Of Us’, ‘Our Song’, ‘Speak Now’, ‘Fearless’ and ‘Fifteen’. It was so nice when she came off the stage into the audience and performed on a different stage towards the back of the floor. After she finished performing on the back stage she made her way along to the other side of the stage and when she was right across from me she stopped and signed a little girl’s t-shirt. THAT WAS SERIOUSLY THE CUTEST AND BEST thing in the world. What singer signs a little girl’s t-shirt in the middle of the show?

The Taylor Swift Speak Now concert was incredible. It was amazing. I loved her energy, her wonderful songs and great voice. I would recommend anyone to see her in concert. Check and see if she is coming to a city near you on her website:

Thank you Taylor, for an amazing, incredible, breath-taking concert.

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Photo Credit: Maude Apatow; Edited by Joanne Davenport

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