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To The Girls On Hollywood Blvd

Dear Girls On Hollywood Blvd (On Saturday Nights),

Please stop.
Please stop wearing dresses that make you look like Women of the Night, you’re better than that.
Please stop wearing 6 inch heels you can’t walk in, that make you wobble your way across the street.
Please stop wearing dresses so tight you can see the under wire lining of your bra (if you’re wearing one).
Please stop wearing dresses that ride up higher and higher with each step you take.
And finally, please stop taking off your shoes at the end of the night and walking around barefoot! The side walk is filthy!

Okay, here’s the thing…I’m not one to bark out fashion rules but this is so way beyond fashion. This is about integrity and self-respect. I’m an improviser and perform weekly at the iO West Theatre which is conveniently located on Hollywood Blvd, in the heart of LA’s nightlife. Eek! So on your average Saturday night, I’m surrounded by half-naked ladies on their way to da club. (I spelled “the” like that on purpose, I’m still young and hip, right?)
It’s become a human study. I’m assuming these ladies are dressed that way to attract some type of attention from the opposite sex. I can’t imagine it’s positive attention? What kind of man are they trying to attract? And what ever happened to leaving something to the imagination? (Not in these dresses). What’s sad to me is that these girls look young…real young. Like probably not old enough to legally drink but has a fake ID young. And that worries me.

I wish I had some clever and/or high-brow statement in regards to all of this but really I write in the hopes that one of those Hollywood Blvd girls will read this and maybe try a different type of dress next Saturday night. Maybe re-think their outfit of choice.

I’m not saying cover up from head to toe…I’m just suggesting wearing clothes that fit. Dresses that accentuate your assets without blatantly putting them in other people’s faces. Dresses that get you attention for the right reasons…because you look comfortable, confident and self-assured. Because you are stylish, on-trend and fabulous. Not because men are placing bets on whether your dress will ride so high, they’ll see your panties (or lack there of). Men seriously do this…I’ve seen it.

Also, I found these photos on a website called Sexy Fox Clothing under Sexy Dresses, Nightclub Dresses, Clubbing Outfits…THIS IS NOT SEXY, PEOPLE!

Stay classy…Rant over.

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