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To The Girls On Hollywood Blvd

Dear Girls On Hollywood Blvd (On Saturday Nights),

Please stop.
Please stop wearing dresses that make you look like Women of the Night, you’re better than that.
Please stop wearing 6 inch heels you can’t walk in, that make you wobble your way across the street.
Please stop wearing dresses so tight you can see the under wire lining of your bra (if you’re wearing one).
Please stop wearing dresses that ride up higher and higher with each step you take.
And finally, please stop taking off your shoes at the end of the night and walking around barefoot! The side walk is filthy!

Okay, here’s the thing…I’m not one to bark out fashion rules but this is so way beyond fashion. This is about integrity and self-respect. I’m an improviser and perform weekly at the iO West Theatre which is conveniently located on Hollywood Blvd, in the heart of LA’s nightlife. Eek! So on your average Saturday night, I’m surrounded by half-naked ladies on their way to da club. (I spelled “the” like that on purpose, I’m still young and hip, right?) :) It’s become a human study. I’m assuming these ladies are dressed that way to attract some type of attention from the opposite sex. I can’t imagine it’s positive attention? What kind of man are they trying to attract? And what ever happened to leaving something to the imagination? (Not in these dresses). What’s sad to me is that these girls look young…real young. Like probably not old enough to legally drink but has a fake ID young. And that worries me.

I wish I had some clever and/or high-brow statement in regards to all of this but really I write in the hopes that one of those Hollywood Blvd girls will read this and maybe try a different type of dress next Saturday night. Maybe re-think their outfit of choice.

I’m not saying cover up from head to toe…I’m just suggesting wearing clothes that fit. Dresses that accentuate your assets without blatantly putting them in other people’s faces. Dresses that get you attention for the right reasons…because you look comfortable, confident and self-assured. Because you are stylish, on-trend and fabulous. Not because men are placing bets on whether your dress will ride so high, they’ll see your panties (or lack there of). Men seriously do this…I’ve seen it.

Also, I found these photos on a website called Sexy Fox Clothing under Sexy Dresses, Nightclub Dresses, Clubbing Outfits…THIS IS NOT SEXY, PEOPLE!

Stay classy…Rant over.

  • Samantha LaRue Balash

    the one on the bottom right makes it look like she’s supposed to have four boobs…… not sexy.

  • Hernandez Diaz

    I totally agree~Im gay and I love women and I respect them alot, in this day in age were propriety is not valued anymore and it really sucsk, I think women should dress appropriately with out looking like a skank or a hooker~so I really do agree~

  • Sara Terrell

    It’s Halloween weekend… so it’s just going to get worse. Haha

  • Natalia Gralewski

    Don’t you think that it’s a bit bitchy to be snarking on other people’s dress choices? People should be able to wear whatever makes them happy, regardless of whether it’s “in good taste”. If you’re looking for a high brow statement, perhaps you could write an article on why women feel it’s their right to critique and bring down other women who don’t comply with their standards? If ever the urge arises, think to yourself “It’s not my business”, and move on with your life.

  • Leslie Polish

    i’m at college in the mountains of virginia, other students dress like this too. too much skin showing! i like to wear clothes that actually consist of cloth covering certain places on my body.

  • Jane Murphy

    I totally agree! It’s the same where I live in Australia – Northbridge is full of women dressed like this….and to make matters worse, apparently the footwear trend is glittery stripper heels with huge platforms…

  • Hanna Giuntini

    Agreed with @Natalia

  • Abby Dickinson

    HelloGiggles! This is really disappointing. I look to this website for female-friendly entertainment and humor, but instead I just come on to find the same-old girl vs. girl slut-bashing? If a woman dresses like this, take note that it is NOT you’re personal taste, but understand that her choices still deserve respect because she is a human being, spandex club dress or not. Personal taste is personal taste, and being rude and condescending about it won’t make any kind of positive impact in society but only reinforces the idea that women’s bodies are just open to the public for comment and scrutiny. I’ve been seeing it SO MUCH lately because of Halloween, please make it go away! I know you know better!

    • Oliver Arguello

      …your in a rant section… o_O

  • Catherine Bruno

    I kind of agree with the slut bashing, I mean if that’s how they want to dress it’s their life and their choice. No judgments here. I would also like to point out that since it is Hollywood Blvd, they may actually be prostitutes. Not trying to be stereotypical or judgmental or anything. It’s just that Hollywood Blvd is a huge haven for prostitution which is really sad.

  • Megan Cary

    ” I’m assuming these ladies are dressed that way to attract some type of attention from the opposite sex.”

    Or perhaps they are dressed that way because that’s the way they feel like dressing. Why are you so concerned with the way these women dress? Just because you don’t find their clothing “classy” or “fabulous” doesn’t mean that they are poor lost souls with low self-esteem. And can we please stop assuming that every conscious decision a woman makes is for a man? Please? I know plenty of women who dress how they want and do what they want for themselves and NO ONE ELSE, and I think they would find this article horribly offensive and borderline misogynistic.

  • Jennifer McQuade

    I think her point is that it is making women look bad, and is a terrible influence on younger women. Many women of whom may not have a positive role model in their lives. I don’t see her judging anyone here, just making a statement.

  • Jamie Kelkenberg

    today i was shopping for adorable shoes to wear with an adorable dress. guess what, the only shoes i found were stripper style platforms. i looked at them and immediately wished that they were out and kitten heels were back in. remember those. i just loved that trend!

    as for the ladies of the night… they will always go out trashy style. some people love to show off their bodies and be a filthy hot mess. especially when they’re young. they’ll figure it out eventually.
    hell, i used to live in hawaii and ride around in a bathing suit all day

  • Grasie Mercedes

    I never called anyone a slut nor am I girl bashing. I apologize if it came off that way. I am simply stating my opinion on this style of dress and the negative connotation that goes with it. Thank you @Jennifer McQuade you have expressed my thoughts perfectly. We all have different senses of style and that’s a beautiful thing but like I expressed in the post…this is beyond fashion.

  • Oliver Arguello

    I have a question for the ladies…. Specifically the ones who are Fashion Civil Right activists……. If you have a baby/toddler/ or niece….would you want her to dress like that in middle school? High school? On the streets at 10pm at night during college with drunk testosterone filled men lurking about? We all think we are immune to certain “issues” , but we always seem to be able to find things others are doing as wrong. Superimpose your habits onto someone you care about (not a friend) and how does that make you feel and think?

    I am not totally bashing here. Just a reality check. Dress however you want. BUt do take note of this…women who dress like this are not respected by men. The author is right in that men only see these women in a certain light. So again dress as you wish, just dont complain about the attention/reactions/ramifications.

    Someone on here wrote about modesty…..girls you can look sexy and attractive without overdoing it. Its kind of like makeup….there are some women who go too far and it becomes counterproductive.

    • Megan Cary

      I wasn’t aware that we were discussing toddlers and babies. I’ll be sure to make a note of that.

      While I do see that you are coming from a genuine concerned place, I have some serious issues with some things that you’ve said. Most specifically this: “On the streets at 10pm at night during college with drunk testosterone filled men lurking about?” That sounds like blatant victim blaming to me…it sounds like you are suggesting that if a female does go out wearing heels and a very sexy dress or whatever else you don’t find to be appropriate, she will have to worry about harassment or sexual assault from men and that will be her fault. I would just like to say here that people are sexually assaulted or harassed because people sexual assault or harass them, NOT because of their clothing choices.

      Oh, and by the way, this article IS in the rants section, but like all other articles, it shows up on the main page with all the others. Just FYI as I am not sure you realize that.

  • Krista Lynn Shepley

    If you’re going to dress like you’re working on the corner, you’re going to get treated like it in most cases. The type of guy who’s going to see that and not assume you charge by the hour doesn’t normally spend his time at a bar all night. Sad truth. I live in a border city, and I see a lot of kids from michigan come over to party at our bars.. When i was working midnights at a drive thru downtown, It was embarrassing the amount of things “not for public viewing” i was praying I didn’t see, because they sure looked like they were going to pop out. And that was 11 years ago.. The clothing has not gotten more modest. All I’m saying is.. have some respect for yourself, and dress like it. Those dresses are disgusting. They belong in Pretty Woman.. on a woman with a lot less class then Vivian.

  • Kaya Harridge

    I am so glad to see comments that actually stand up for the rights of women to wear whatever the hell they want and NOT be judged or victimised for it. <3

  • Katie Savage Haydock

    Agreed – Hollywood is the worst place for dress sense that i have EVER been! It should be kept as bedroom wear – not club wear.

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