A Tiny Puppy Stops This Big Dog From Eating

No one has taught this little lady manners. Sadie, the teeny tiny puppy, refuses to let her big brother Foxy eat. Watch as she defends her territory:

  • Juliette Kula

    unfortunately this is not funny.Many of you may think this is cute,but the human owners are encouraging terrible aggressive traits in this puppy.Resource guarding leads to serious dog bites and serious injuries very sad.Once again people encouraging bad behavior because they think it is funny.

  • Pooja Bhaskar

    Yeah, this started out funny before I realized what was happening. That puppy needs to be trained a million times better.

  • Natasha Wright

    Oh come off it. It’s one video – you can’t been so judgmental and say the owners are encouraging bad behaviour by not training the puppy correctly based on one video. Plus, the puppy is tiny! They’ve obviously only had him/her a couple of weeks max.

  • Kris Cutler

    Whomever is responsible for these two dogs is horrible as an owner, first for feeding your dogs dog chow, and second, because that is very poor, aggressive behavior on the part of the smaller dog. That is called food aggression, not adorable or cute behavior. If you can’t afford to feed one dog proper, healthy dog food, you don’t get another dog. Idiot!

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