Tinselitis: Wrap It Up

Now, I don’t want to make anyone jealous here or anything, but… I’m done my Christmas shopping.  Well, almost done – stocking stuffers are something I continue to pick up until the last possible minute. But generally, there’s a pile full of stuff sitting in the corner of my room ready to be wrapped and then unwrapped by its lucky recipient. Since I buy for only one person – and I know this person like the back of my hand – Christmas shopping is always a super easy and inspiring process, but also a quick one, which doesn’t suit me because I like buying presents. This means I tend to go a bit mental and buy way too much.

My point? A lot of stuff needs a lot of wrapping paper. Sure, I could get one or two cheap rolls from Target and be done with it, but newsflash: Target doesn’t sell wrapping paper in October. So there. Plus, two rolls for a few dozen presents? Pfft. No thanks. Loving Christmas means loving your gift giving selection to look varied in the presentation department and two rolls of paper aren’t going to cut it.

Since I am vaguely OCD and also incredibly impatient, I trolled the depths of eBay for roughly 3 hours at 4am looking to see what was on offer. Honestly, it was a bit bleak. I searched under “Christmas gift wrap” and “Christmas wrapping paper” and felt like I still must have been doing something wrong because there’s no way that could be all there was. Also, people on eBay must have bumped their heads because the prices on some of these rolls of wrapping paper are outrageous. One particular offender was selling 3 rolls of pretty ugly paper for what she described as the “deep discount price” of… $15. Dream on, sucker.

I didn’t end up buying any, but I will show you the best (and worst) of my findings below. PS, just a tip: mind your square footage, y’all. That comes from the heart. Tin foil based wraps and the fancier crap usually comes with about 1/2 as much as some of the thinner paper rolls and is about 2x the price. Splurge where necessary, but don’t be a bozo about it.

The Good

In Sweden, Rudolph is a goat!

Listen, I can dig it! It’s rustic, it’s Scandanavian, Santa’s showing the animal folk love – what’s not to like? This Jenny Nystrom wrap tells the recipient, Hey, I appreciate folk art, have international tastes and I also own several Fair Isle sweaters.  Word to the wise, however – if you go this route, all other paper most follow a similar theme or at least be solid-colour.

Ooh, a variety set! Fancy!

eBay user “debbienann” came correct with this offering. With a Buy It Now price of $9.99 (with free shipping), you’re getting a steal. Several sheets of stick-on tags (the only way to go, unless you’re going with the rustic look above, then it sorta has to be tie-ons, doesn’t it?), four gift bags, tissue paper and wrapping paper. The paper itself is somewhat boring but workable for smaller items and for that price, I’ll take it. Well, I won’t take it because I didn’t buy it. But you could!

A hodge podge of Santas!

How do you like your Father Christmas? Victorian? Rustic? Drawn with what seems to be a child’s hand? Look no further – this collection’s for you. Sure, none if it matches, but that’s okay – you can spread it out between several recipients. I particularly enjoy the red & white paper in this collection. Unique but still classy (much like myself, “LOL”). The gift bags are sort of a hot mess but will work for those gifts that you’re forced to give, like an office polyanna or something.

The Bad

Oh my. Oh no.

Look, I don’t know you guys. Maybe you are really into pelicans and flamingos… in winterwear? I don’t know. Everything about this screams (squawks?) “make it stop” to me, so I have to take a pass.

Merry... Hunting Day?

Ah, Christmas. The one day of the year when families gather to eat, exchange gifts and… fish? I don’t know. But what I do know is that this sure as hell isn’t Christmas paper. Word to the wise: a leaning pine tree and a galloping deer are found in any forest. Doesn’t mean they’re from the North Pole.

The WTF?!

*Stares blankly*

Do we really have to talk about this one? I love a good gag gift as much as the next, but there is not a thing about this that is okay. End of story.

Stay tuned next week for more Christmas goodness and if there’s anything in particular you think we should cover, drop a note in the comments section below. 69 days left to go!


Featured image via pointradio.com

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