Tina & Amy: What Should They Do Next?

There are certain combinations that can do no wrong. Peanut butter and jelly. Cake and ice cream. Burgers and fries. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. When it was announced that this dynamic duo would be hosting the Golden Globes this year, my reaction was: “What took them so long?” Let’s face it, awards shows are kind of repetitive, but putting these two has the headliners means that I’ll certainly tune in.

So if Amy and Tina can liven up an award show people aren’t typically that excited about, what else can they take on? I’ve got some ideas…


I thought nothing would top the Tina/Jimmy Fallon Weekend update pairing, but that was before the Tina/Amy pairing happened. Seeing as many people prefer to get their news from comedy anyway, why doesn’t NBC just give them the Nightly News gig and be done with it? Just give Brian Williams a sitcom instead; he’s hilarious every time he cameos on 30 Rock.

Reality TV

In the category of “things I don’t really watch on TV”, reality TV is a close second behind award shows. I know they’d never agree to it, but if someone made a reality show about Amy and Tina’s lives, I would be all over that. Instead of “Real Housewives” of wherever, we could have “Real Breadwinning Cool Women” and follow Tina, Amy, and maybe some of these other ladies through their daily lives, which I assume involve a lot of witty banter and delicious sandwiches.

Mentoring Lindsay Lohan

I like to pretend that Tina and Amy occasionally sit around reminiscing over cocktails, talking about the good old days, and going,”Do you remember that nice redheaded girl we worked with on Mean Girls? What was her name again? Lisa? Lily? I wonder what she’s up to these days.” It would be great if these two would do Lindsay, and the world, a favor and call her up, sit her down over a cup of coffee, and explain to her how to grow up to be a woman who is hilarious because she tells jokes, not because she’s a punchline.

Restaurant Ownership

Plenty of celebrities have restaurants. The thing is, I don’t entirely trust Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez to tell me what to eat. Do you know who I do trust?  Liz Lemon. I would be the first in line at a restaurant featuring Cheesy Blasters, Sabor de Soledad, and of course, sandwiches. (Okay, this one is a little Tina-centric, but I have no doubt that adding Amy to the mix would only improve things.)

The Presidency

They’ve both already impersonated political candidates, why not just run themselves?  I would fully support a Fey/Poehler 2016 ticket, so much so I might be getting t-shirts made. However, I do get that these ladies might not want to go from political humor to actual politics, so might I suggest a 30 Rock/Parks and Rec crossover and a Knope/Lemon run for office?

So those are my ideas for Amy and Tina’s next projects, since everything they touch turns to awesome. What would you like to see these ladies liven up?

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