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"Time" just released their 100 Most Influential People list, and there were definitely some surprises

Russell Crowe wrote the essay for Leslie Jones, and here are some of his kind words:

“It wasn’t just the comedy that drew me close to Leslie Jones. Although her brand — edgy, insightful and honest — is the kind I lean to. It wasn’t just the bonhomie, the easy friendship and the shared sense of gratitude. It wasn’t just the beauty, though it radiates from her unchecked. It was, in fact, the kindness, the thoughtfulness and the way she owns all of who she is.”

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 The youngest person on the list is 17-year-old LGBTQ activist Gavin Grimm, who transitioned from female to male in high school and has been fighting to use the boys bathroom at his school in Virginia. His essay was written by Janet Mock, and she highlights the importance of his “refusal to be treated unjustly.” We’re so glad to see Grimm on this important list!

You can see the whole list here. Many of the essays are worth reading, so dive in!

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