Send To Your Mom

Thumbs Up For Rock And Roll

In this edition of Send To Mom!!, I bring something that appeals to everyone to the table. This video will appeal to your mother, your father, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your sister, your brother, your nieces, your nephews, your coworkers, your dog, you – everyone! It’s one that is quickly starting to pick up online speed all of a sudden and is called “Thumbs Up For Rock and Roll” for reasons which need no explanation but are explained in the last ten seconds of the video.

This treat, which clocks in at just under a minute in length, is an inspirational speech from a little boy who, I assume, is around four or five years old. He’s just successfully mastered riding his bike and imparts some words of wisdom about “believing in yourself” and other brilliant kidisms. It makes me want to keep practicing at anything I want to do because, yes, I can do it if I believe I can! I can be a model! I can still make it into the Olympics! I can STILL turn back the clock and take AP Calculus, even though I was one year behind in math!!

Well, maybe I can’t do any of those. But I am definitely inspired to achieve everything I want to achieve right now and that is exactly the note that you need to send to your mother along with a winking emoticon. Oh, and also attach the video of the little girl who needs a job to get married, mentioning that you “think you already found this little boy’s wife.”

(NOTE: Does anyone else think that the Dad talking in the tape is likely a major dreamboat? I have an Internet crush on his voice.)