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Throwing A Party For Your Favorite TV Shows

Am I the only one that thinks it’s an awesome idea to throw a party in celebration of your favorite TV shows? I know people have TV viewing parties, but I’m talking about doing it on a bigger scale. A party with the show’s music, the show playing in background, a homemade photo booth with props related to the show, drinks and more.

Recently, I threw a party to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of The O.C. and it made me think, “Why haven’t I done this before?”

It took me about a month to plan the party. I needed to re-watch the show to get ideas. I set up my own photo booth using an orange tablecloth for the backdrop and a shelf as the tripod. The props included a mini Capt. Oats and Princess Sparkle, Lips balloons (like the ones in the kissing booth episode!), a print out of the Atomic County cover, fake cigarettes (no one I know smokes), two homemade yamaclaus’, a Coop polo, an Atwood tank and gray sweatshirt, Sandy Cohen eyebrows and other random props.

The Cohens (I’m Ryan!)

We ate “Bait Shop” taco chips and “Crab Shack” buffalo shrimp and drank mojitos and Summer Breeze cocktails. We reenacted different scenes and took family photos. Half of my friends didn’t even watch the show, but they got into character and had fun with it.

So I wanted to give you all some ideas for other parties you can have to celebrate a TV show’s beginning or ending.

How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM is ending this season. We finally met the mother, who looks like a mix of Lily and Robin. Props to casting because obviously he’d fall for someone that reminds him of them. The show has been on for years and its awesomeness should be celebrated!

The party could be named, “The Legen… wait-for-it…Dary Party”. You could definitely include some of the following:

  • Food & Drinks: Sandwiches (duh), Ted’s Super Bowl wings, Mrs. Eriksen’s 7 layer salad, scotch and beer
  • Decorations: an Intervention banner, MacLaren’s Pub sign, bar graph of your favorite pies and pie chart of your favorite bars
  • Photo Booth: a yellow umbrella, laser tag gear, a suit, a beaver stuffed animal, a blue French horn, a ducky tie, a stripper pole, red cowboy boots, a hockey jersey, Robin Sparkles outfit, Robin Daggers flannel, art supplies, bro bibs, The Playbook cover printed out, Canadian flag, slutty pumpkin costume, a hanging chad costume, Ted’s magazine cover printed out, the exact oufits that Ted’s kids are wearing, a captain hat..I feel like this list could go on forever.
  • Music: The 88, the theme song, and Robin Sparkles/Robin Daggers. Some more HIMYM music here!

Hope you all salute every time someone says a military rank. Give your guests high fives throughout the night. Have some “woo girl” moments and hopefully no slaps. And tell your guests if they leave your party early, they could become the “Blitz” and miss something amazing.

Breaking Bad

So I don’t watch this show yet. (I know. I know. Don’t hit me!) I just watched like five episodes of Season 3 at my friend’s house. (I know. Season 3! What’s wrong with me?!) Well, now I’m into it and will go back to the beginning to watch them all. Also, I finally see what you all are talking about when you say you love Aaron Paul.

The show is ending this season and if you’re a fan, then you should throw a party! You can call this one “Party With Me, Bitch!” From what I know about the show and by asking friends, here are a few things the party could include:

  • Food & Drinks: blue colored rock candy or the blue donuts in the photo above, funyons, breakfast foods, chemical named cocktails and beer
  • Decorations: periodic table of elements hanging up somewhere, desert-looking decorations
  • Photo Booth: green background, blue ribbons, yellow jumpsuits, a fake beard, gas masks, lunch bag that says “Walt”, fake ax, Heisenberg hat and sunglasses, tighty whities, talk bubble that says “,Bitch”
  • Music: AMC has a whole list of Breaking Bad music here.

Also, just found this sweet Breaking Bad party article on HelloGiggles. You can combine all the ideas to throw the ultimate party!

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