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I definitely did not cry to the point of snot-bubbles that prompted my boyfriend to ask me if a Hanson brother had died in a tragic accident while watching this amazing mash-up of the 8 Harry Potter films.

And like, frankly, if anyone told you otherwise, well then obviously they had me confused with another chick sitting in her living room, violently sobbing into her dog’s neck fur. Because it wasn’t me.


(made by the fabulously creative genrocks)

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  • Katie Schultz

    It was me.

    PS. I just went to the final movie at it’s midnight release, and I plan on rereading all of the books and watching all of the movies for the umpteenth time. Oh, Harry Potter. How I love thee. You will never know.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Hey, that’s the grtaeest! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

  • Jaclynn Gay

    A Hanson dying would be worth those tears. I agree though, this makes me want to watch the entire series again!

    • Anonymous

      Wow, your post makes mine look feblee. More power to you!

    • Anonymous

      AKAIK you’ve got the asnewr in one!

  • Jenny Lazo

    this is an amazing video <3

  • Morgan Louise McGregor

    Honest to God. I love this clip. It just… It gets the feel of all the books. You know? It really GETS it.
    Or maybe I’m just in the zone cus I just finished reading the chapter in the Deathly Hallows named “Kings Cross” and just finished bawling my eyes out to the chapter titled “The Forest Again”.
    Potter forever <3

  • Jessica McKelvin

    This was an extremely well edited video. It makes me want to sit down and watch the whole series again.

  • Mindsay Mohan

    Um, no, I did not get teary eyed watching this. *sniffles*

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