Three Way Fashion: The Lace-Up Booties

Look at you, chomping at the bit for a new post of 3-Way Fashion. Don’t grind your teeth down just yet because I am here and ready to suggest three looks for you based around one trendy item in your closet. Oh, you don’t own it? Well, I’ve kept your budget-friendly shopping habits in mind and found everything for under $100. I care about you like that.

Today’s edition focuses on the footwear that every chic woman has been stomping around town in: the neutral, lace-up ankle bootie.

  • Lace-up brown booties by Miss Me, $40

Look #1: This is the perfect day-to-night outfit – you know, when you have after-work drinks with the lady friends? Once the sun goes down, take off that blazer, swipe on some red lipstick and let loose. But not too loose because no one wants to call the cops and/or hold your hair back tonight, okay?

Look #2: You have a date tonight and you want to look sweet yet spicy? I know, I know, you’re not an order of General Tso’s chicken, but it’s nice to show a little femininity sometimes without being overly delicate. Try pairing your booties with a strapless dress and statement earrings. And do not spray on too much perfume. Guys hate that.

Look #3: Your office has the air cranked up way too high this summer, I totally feel you, though coming into work wearing a wool sweater seems inapprop. Create a warm weather outfit that will keep you cool, yet covered, with a breezy button-down and swingy skirt. Toss on an eye-catching necklace to show off your spunky personality.

Have a 3-Way fashion trend you’d like me to focus on in the future? Be sure to suggest it in the comments!