Three Way Fashion: The Glitter Heel

Three Way Fashion is back with a vengeance. The purpose of this feature is to illustrate how to wear a trendy piece you may already have in your closet multiple ways for multiple occasions. Below, you will see three looks, many of which contain less than five individual pieces of clothing. You’ll also never see a product with a price-tag above $100.

This post right here focuses on what your mother may or may not refer to as “those hooker heels you bought that make your grandmother cry”. We don’t like tears here at Hello Giggles, so I’ll show you a few ways to make mom proud.

Look #1: To create an easy outfit with tons of personality, combine your shiny shoes with a tie-dyed dress and modern jewelry. If you’re cold, layer a simple black blazer/cardigan/jacket over the dress.

Look #2: Go trendtastic – that isn’t a word, just so you know – by pairing the heels with bright bottoms. Any color will do. Add a glitter belt to match your footwear, but calm it down by adding a neutral shirt and keep jewelry to a minimum.

Look #3: You’ve got plans after work/internship/school to meet up with the girls for some cocktails and overall debauchery, but have no idea what to wear. Why not temper those show-stopping shoes with a peachy top and boyfriend jeans?

Have a 3-Way fashion trend you’d like me to focus on in the future? Be sure to suggest it in the comments!

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