Three Way Fashion: The Eyelet Shirt

If I was a songwriter, I would write you a little ditty about Three Way Fashion and how it is the coolest recurring style advice column this side of the Mississippi. Or, New York City, since that’s where I’m writing from. But I’m not a songwriter, so you’ll have to deal with three outfits showing you how to wear one trend that you probably have in your closet. Oh, all looks shown are compiled of five or less pieces at $100 or less per item.

Today, we’re going to focus on a warm weather classic: eyelet. Specifically, in the form of a blouse.

  • AB Studio eyelet blouse, $21

Look #1: All-pale outfits scream chicness, though they also scream “Danger! Don’t forget your Tide To-Go pen!” Sure, it’s hard to keep them clean, but your tan will look slamming this summer.

Look #2: This is a great look to make use of last year’s trendy gladiator sandals. Add slim denim in a dark wash and throw on a bright, eye-catching necklace so that the former two pieces won’t seem so boring.

Look #3: You are going to the club tonight with the ladies to go on the prowl, have seven too many G&Ts and do a shimmy-shake or something. I don’t know what that means. For a twist on the typical girly top/tight skirt/heels nighttime combo, put on some bohemian-infused jewelry and a solid pair of lace-up wedges.

Have a 3-Way fashion trend you’d like me to focus on in the future? Be sure to suggest it in the comments!

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