Three Way Fashion: The Chambray Shirt

Lucky you! Here you are, chilling out with five minutes of free time, reading yet another edition of 3-Way Fashion! You just got that much cooler. As you well know, the overall goal of this column is to show you how to wear an item that you probably have in your closet multiple ways for multiple occasions. You will see three looks, many of which contain less than five individual pieces of clothing, all of which are priced below $100. Always.
Today, we will focus on the chambray button-down, a denim-like piece that has been seen all over the street on both men and women.

  • Quicksilver shirt, $68

Look #1: Summer has basically begun, right? It isn’t even 10am and, at almost 80°, I have already begun sweating, which is really cool. But anyway, never mind me; a great way to wear that chambray shirt is with a striped t-shirt dress and a pair of simple leather thongs. Toss on a multi-chain necklace for a bit of personality and to add texture to an otherwise ultra-minimalist look.

  • Delia’s dress, $32
  • Marlyn Schiff necklace, $45
  • Sam Edelman sandals, $60

Look #2: Ah, the Canadian (apologies for the cliché to any Canadians reading) tuxedo: an all-denim outfit that usually offends people for the sheer reason that they just can’t handle the awesome. It is a bold choice, but one that I think you can pull off if done right. Make sure that the items of jean are similar – off by one or two shades – and broken up by a subtly-patterned tee and a pair of unique, modern lace-up sandals.

  • Madigan tee, $30
  • Reiss jeans, $47
  • River Island wedges, $65

Look #3: How can you dress up a chambray button-down? Easily, with the help of a body-skimming, body con skirt and wedge sandals. Swipe on some red lipstick and grab an interesting clutch and you are ready for a night on the town with your lady friends. And by “a night out on the town,” I mean “dressing up for the pizza delivery boy because you’ve had a really long week of work and you don’t feel like shaving your legs.” Oh, just me? My fault.

  • Topshop skirt, $32
  • Sweet Life sandals, $40
  • Clinique lipstick, $14.50
  • Lulu Townsend clutch, $30