Three Way Fashion: The Brown Belt

Welcome to the first edition of 3-Way Fashion. The title may read a little dirty, but trust me, my intentions are good. The overall goal of this feature is to show you how to wear an item that you probably have in your closet multiple ways for multiple occasions. In total, you will see three looks, many of which contain less than five individual pieces of clothing. I also realize that many of us are pinching our pennies in today’s economy, so take note: you will never see a product that costs above $100. Interested? Read on.

  • American Eagle belt, $30

Let’s start with a belt almost everyone has lurking in their closet – a brown, braided style. I stole mine from my mom. Don’t tell her, please, because she keeps asking me if I know where it is. Anyway,…
Look #1: Pair that braided belt with a classic, Americana-infused look. Without appearing too “Yeehaw, cowboy,” add a plaid button-down and wide-leg jeans. Slip on some suede moccasins and layer on a few necklaces (stay away from large detailing like oversized links or big pendants – I’m talking thin, gold chains) to show off your personality.

  • Old Navy pants, $23
  • Old Navy button-down, $18
  • Minnetonka moccasins, $45

Look #2: Don’t even lie; I know you have a romper or two lying around. They’re comfortable, easy to throw on and solve that whole shirt-and-pants issue because…well…it’s a one-piece. Pull on a thin cardigan and sturdy wedge booties before buckling on your belt. Sure, going to the bathroom will be hard, but you look so cute right now.

  • Delia’s romper, $24
  • Madewell sweater, $50
  • Gabriella Rocha boots, $43

Look#3: Nautical-inspired outfits start to creep out as soon as the weather gets a little warmer. Wear the belt with a cropped, striped sweater and full skirt and add a delicate pair of ballet flats in a color that matches the overall scheme of your outfit to complete the look without going overboard. Did you catch the joke right there? “Overboard”? I slay myself.

  • Topshop sweater, $76
  • Topshop skirt, $45
  • Rocket Dog shoes, $20


Sara Zucker currently works in e-mail marketing, coding until her eyesight gets blurred and the carpal tunnel starts to set in. She is also a freelance fashion writer and and blogger — her blog ( has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Lucky Magazine, on Racked, Fashionista and Guest of a Guest, among others. Her hobbies include wearing sweatpants until the inner thigh area gets rubbed out, finding the tastiest chicken nugget and updating her inspiration cork-board each season. To fully grasp the awesomeness that is Sara, I strongly recommend that you follow her on Twitter at @sbz.

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