Three Way Fashion: The Black Pant

Today is a new day, which means another excuse for you to read a new edition of 3-Way Fashion! Aren’t you special? (You are, trust me.) As a loyal reader of said 3-Way Fashion, you know that the overall goal of this column is to illustrate how to wear an item that you probably have in your closet multiple ways for multiple occasions. You will see three looks, many of which contain less than five individual pieces of clothing, all of which are priced at or well below $100. Every time.

  • Old Navy pants, $11

Look #1: Not to sound like Dr. Suess, but comfort is key, don’t you agree? Desert boots and a hoodie are a definite go-to when you’re looking to schlub around the house, run some errands or just chill without any set goals for the day. But it’s always important to have goals. Like taking a nap.

  • Topshop tank top, $28
  • Delia’s hoodie, $25
  • Clarks desert boots, $90

Look #2: Black jeans are super easy to dress up and down, but if you’re looking to do the former rather than the latter, I’d suggest adding a chiffon blouse (this polka dot one is so cute) and pearl necklace. Slip on a pair of bright wedges for comfort and a pop of color.

  • Peter Nygard blouse, $41
  • Nordstrom necklace, $32
  • Cooperative wedges, $49

Look #3: Typically, when you think of slim black denim, motorcycles riders come to mind. Just me? I’m the only one that thinks that? Well, nevertheless, they look great with a loose t-shirt and structured moto jacket. Regarding footwear, steer clear of chunky boots to temper the toughness of this look – try ballet flats instead.

  • Linq tee, $59
  • Delia’s moto jacket, $68
  • Lucky ballet flats, $59

Sara Zucker currently works in e-mail marketing, coding until her eyesight gets blurred and the carpal tunnel starts to set in. She is also a freelance fashion writer and and blogger — her blog ( has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Lucky Magazine, on Racked, Fashionista and Guest of a Guest, among others. Her hobbies include wearing sweatpants until the inner thigh area gets rubbed out, finding the tastiest chicken nugget and updating her inspiration cork-board each season. To fully grasp the awesomeness that is Sara, we strongly recommend that you follow her on Twitter at @sbz.

  • Marissa A. Ross

    Love this, been in a TRUE need of a new pair of smart black pants!

  • Jelena Ardila Vetrovec

    Oh I loved this Column! Hope to read more!! Going to try look #3! 😀

  • Sara Apol

    Taking a nap is totally a daily goal.

  • Phoebe Taylor

    I would really like for this series to show case a stable peice in fashion right now. Something like a “sailor” top. Using peices that are allll the rage but showing us how to mix it up.

    • Sara Zucker

      I will definitely make a note of that, Phoebe! Great idea.

  • Crystal Stewart

    Purchasing a new pair of black pants tomorrow.

  • Nicole English

    Okay I just gotta say that I REALLY, REALLY love this column. I’m kind of fashion impaired and it’s great to see the different looks you can get with relatively simple items that form a really cute, cohesive outfit.

  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    ALL the looks are smashing!

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