New Girl

Three Men And A ‘New Girl’

In celebrating the UK launch of the hit comedy series New Girl starring our very own Zooey Deschanel (I’m so excited, by the way!), I got to thinking about what I’d do if I ended up in Jess’s shoes. As a female, I’m not sure whether I would be comfortable living with three complete strangers. Then again, I’ve luckily never had to consider it. Being faced with such a predicament, I would probably skip over all the ads with apartments solely occupied by men – they’re messy, for one thing. But that’s just me. I’m also wary of services like Craigslist to begin with, as you tend to get a bit of a mixed bag in terms of the people who use it. Knowing my luck, I would meet a serial axe murderer. Go figure.

What about you? Would you live with three men? Vote in the poll below and in the comments section, share your best and worst Craigslist experiences!

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Don’t forget to tune into New Girl on Friday nights at 8:30pm on Channel 4 in the UK and on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox in the US!

  • April McLean

    I mean, I don’t see the big deal. They are people. If they are trustworthy, then why not?

  • Jeanne Jensen

    I met my husband on Craigslist.

    Posted a random ad looking for people in my area to have lunch with, found The Man, 2 years later we are married. :)

  • Crystal Chamberlin

    I noticed there wasn’t a poll option for “If they look like the guys Jess moved in with.” Hahah, only joking of course.

  • Haleigh Brianne Burger

    I live with two guys right now in a sort of reversed Three’s Company type arrangement. The only down side is that I’m the only one who cleans but it’s nice to not have to deal with catty drama.

  • Marisa Fischetti

    The best roommates I have had were during my junior year, when I spent a year living with two men. 1 was younger, adorable (but gay, so boyfriend was cool with it) and super-clean. The other guy was older and worked all the time, so he was never home (secret ingredient for good roommate). I don’t remember ever having issues with bathroom cleanliness, etc. It was a great situation.

  • Keely Miller

    I live with two guys I found on Craigslist, and I love them! I say go for it!

  • Lindsay Goins

    I used to live with 4 guys. It was… interesting. But definitely worth it (especially splitting bills 5 ways?? AWESOME) and a lot of fun. It’s like living with anyone else – you really need to sit down and lay down some polite roommate rules regarding personal space and what food you’re allowed to eat. And also who’s responsible for buying me a new stereo when it gets chili spilled all over (and in) it in mysterious circumstances.

  • Gill Brammer

    what is crags list? is it similar to gumtree in the UK?

  • Gill Brammer


  • Jen Georgeff

    My roommates and I have a Three’s Company thing going on at the moment. Although none of us found each other on Craigslist (we are college buddies), I love my guy roommate. He cleans up after himself, and has the cleanest room of all three of us (the only thing that drives me mad is him storing his drum kits in the dining room). I couldn’t ask for a better pair of roomies!

  • Belinda Petersen

    I live with 7 men and I only knew 2 of them before I moved in. The tenants come and go a lot as well and are from all over the world as well as nearby. Things can get tense at times, but it is mostly a fun and warm experience. I think it’s all about respect for common areas and respect for personal space. If you have that, the living space is generally nice :)

  • Lauren Fuchs

    I lived with a guy and a girl for a year and a half and it worked out fine. Actually, it worked out better between me and the guy then me and the girl. One important thing is that he had his own bathroom. In all honesty, most boys are pretty messy, so not sharing a bathroom is kind of key to everything being kosher!

  • Mélodie Melo

    If it’s with three guys as cool and hot and funny than the guys from New Girl, than ABSOLUTELY !

  • Kate St

    i HAVE lived with three men before–and it was great!

  • Nicole-Elizabeth M.

    I lived with 2 guys in Georgia and I couldn’t have asked for better roommates. A friend found the house for me to stay at when I moved from New England back down south, I did not know either of them and couldn’t have asked for a better living situation, not to mention DRAMA FREE, compared to later girl roommates who felt my things were theirs and started crossing boundaries such as raiding closets, makeup bags and jewelry boxes and more…(huge pet peeves of mine). The show reminds me of my time with them and all the SHENNANIGANS :-) miss my Georgia boys!………<3ML

  • Brittany Höllenbräu

    In college I lived in a house with three dudes — two of which I met for the first time the day I moved in. It was weird at first, and it certainly helped that one of my male roommates was a friend of mine from high school… but it was a great experience. And there weren’t 4 sets of blow dryers/curling irons/make up bags/etc in the bathroom we all shared. So bonus points there. And the other great part about living with strangers is that you get to throw parties together and meet each other’s weirdo friends and make new friends and be exposed to new experiences. Some of the best times of my life were had in that house. And we’re all still buds til this day.

  • Rikki Cottrell

    LOL in college I have already braved the task of living with three guys. Not exactly the most sanitary of adventures, but why not give it another go?

  • Stephanie Amadeus

    I currently live with two guys and one girl in our four bedroom house! AND I met them all on Craigslist. The guys clean, but they tend to take a little bit longer than the rest of us to get around to doing it. 😛

  • Candace Scimeca

    I currently live with 3 guys and all their friends! I knew them before I moved in so they weren’t strangers. The biggest downside is you have to be ok with cleaning more than your fair share if you want it to stay clean. The up side is that they’re easy to live with and I always feel safe!

  • Elizabeth Noyes

    I live with guys, and sometimes it can be fun, they can be a good laugh, but that doesn’t make up for the messy house, expecting me to clean up after them all the time and their lack of comprehension, that sometimes after a long hard day, you’re in no mood to be on the receiving end of their macho “banter”.

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