Three Easy Autumn Crafts!

Autumn is hands down my FAVORITE season, and I love it when all of the trees in Cincinnati turn orange and red! I’m a very crafty person, and I decided to share with all of you three very simple (yet adorable) Autumn crafts! They’re perfect for decorating your home for a Thanksgiving party, or you can just do them for fun!

1. Orange and clove pomander. This is very simple and it fills any room with the best spicy scent ever! My mom showed me this nifty craft when we were cooking yesterday, and I instantly just fell in love with it!

You will need: An orange and a container of cloves.

Stick the pointy end of the clove into the orange. Repeat until the orange is covered entirely in cloves, set it on a table, and you’re done!

2. Pine cone and peanut butter bird feeder. This craft is really great for any season! I used to make these bird feeders all of the time when I was little, and our trees were covered in them! Make sure you hang them high enough so that the ground animals don’t try and eat them.

You will need: String, peanut butter, scissors, bird feed and a spoon.

Next, find some pine cones! I have an evergreen in my back yard, but you can also get pine cones at craft stores.

Rub peanut butter all over the pine cones until they’re completely covered. It’s actually easiest to use your hands, but I’m allergic to peanuts so I use the spoon instead!

Next, roll your peanut-buttered pine cone in the bird feed.

The final step is to hang your bird feeder from a tree branch!

3. Autumn luminaries. You’ve probably seen these around Halloween time, but today I found a cool twist on the craft! These are really nice to place on your front porch at night, or in front of a window. Remember to always keep an eye on luminaries since they are flammable!

You will need: a brown paper bag, a lighter, paint, glitter (optional), a painting sponge, plastic bag and a small candle.

Next, collect some different shaped leaves!

Place them onto the brown bag and paint over them (like they’re a stencil). I added glitter to my white paint (it made a huge mess!) but I think it looks fancy.


When you’re finished, let the paint dry. Then stick a candle in and carefully light it.

I hope you enjoyed these Autumn crafts! I’m always looking for cool new things to try and if you have a cool idea, make sure to leave a comment! I’d love to know what sort of crafts you guys are into!

Love, Grace.