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#ThisDoesntMeanYes: The powerful new campaign busting sexual assault myths

“Most of the women we met felt passionately about responding to the victim blaming and the scaremongering they’d felt from other campaigns,” the organizers told Telegraph.

To make their mission clear, #ThisDoesntMeanYes published a simple yet powerful manifesto:

“A short skirt is not a yes.
A red lip is not a yes.
A wink is not a yes.
A slow dance is not a yes.
A walk home is not a yes.
A drink back at mine is not a yes.
A kiss on the sofa is not a yes.
The only ‘yes’ is a ‘yes’.”

The manifesto perfectly summarizes why steps like California’s recent Yes Means Yes bill are so necessary. The bill finally clarifies consent as affirmative, conscious, and voluntary, but the rest of the country and world still hasn’t made that step. Hopefully this campaign will provide the extra push politicians need to follow suit and finally move beyond the concept of “no means no” to only “yes means yes.”

Images via #ThisDoesntMeanYes

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