This Week, We're Going to Travel Abroad

Well, more specifically, I’m traveling abroad.

By abroad I mean the land of my people, Mexico. ¡Arriba, arriba!

I’ve been here about a month. I’m visiting family in Colima, Mexico. It’s close to Guadalajara if you need a reference. It’s a tiny little state on the southwestern coast of Mexico.

On the way here, my family stopped in Mazatlán. We stayed at a hotel right by the beach, and it was awesome. I hadn’t been to the beach in forever ago. Carlitos (little sister) lost her glasses in the ocean after she was told not to go in with them on because the waves were going to knock them off. Teenagers these days. Maybe the God Particle can explain why the thing your parents warn you about, but in our infinite wisdom refuse to listen to said warning, always happens. Lest, you think that my trip here was all fun and games let me just tell you that it was a three day trip. We only stopped for one day in Mazatlán.

I’ve learned quite a few things from stay here. Mainly, that I’m a spoiled, spoiled child. Like, you have no idea. I was upset for the first few days because I didn’t have internet access. I needed to know what was going on in the Twitter-verse, ya know? Just kidding, but being relatively unplugged has not been all that fun. That’s okay for like a weekend, but more than that and I start having internet withdrawals. It’s been good for me to gain a little perspective.

Also, I’m so thankful that I never forgot how to speak Spanish (it happens, I don’t know how, but it does).

Regardless of the fact that my parental units are very Mexican, culture-wise, it is a bit of a culture shock being here. The other day my mom got irritated to me because I don’t greet all of my grandmother’s neighbors. I mean…I don’t even know my neighbor’s names back home. Carlitos was told to change from her flip-flops into real shoes the other day because people don’t wear flip-flops out here. Crazy, right? I’ve obviously come here for extended periods of time before, but I always forget the small things that are different.

Let’s talk about the food for a second. Good God, I cannot even. If you ever want to dip your toe (more like cannonball, in my case) into gluttony, spend about a month in Mexico. It’s not that hard.  You sort of forget that you’re committing a Deadly Sin and losing your waistline after a while.  All the food is delicious and cheap. Mostly, it is delicious.

It’s good to immerse yourself in a different culture once in a while. For me, it’s a very weird situation. I’m Mexican, but I grew up in the United States (very recently, I became a U.S. citizen). Culturally, it’s a strange place to be.

Besides eating, I’ve spent a lot of my time doing my summer reading and watching novelas (soap operas). It’s amazing how fast you can figure out what’s going on in a novela. I’ve been to the movies a few times too (and adding to myendless list of crushes).

I thought I’d talk about what I’ve been doing with my summer! I feel like I’ve been a little cryptic lately. Hence, a slightly different article this time. I will be back home around mid-July. What have you guys been doing? Traveling? Reading? TV watching? Discuss.

*Oh, man. ‘Call Me Maybe’ just came on the radio station. It is haunting me, even here.

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