This Week, The World Is Going To Stay Home

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is arguably my favorite out of the multiple Real Housewives spin-offs on Bravo. Maybe it’s because it was the first one that I ever watched, or maybe it’s because it really is the best. However, I think it’s because my favorite housewife of all time is part of the cast of RHONJ.

Caroline Manzo, you are my favorite housewife of all time – even more so because you did something that I think it majorly cool.

Last week, after Hilary Rosen said that Ann Romney had never worked a day of her life because she was a stay-at-home mom, Caroline Manzo was one of the many people who called Ms. Rosen out. Personally, I though that it was completely unfair for Hilary Rosen to make that claim. Being a stay-at-home mom is hard work, and so is having to work outside of your home.

Caroline Manzo scored more brownie points with me (not that she needs them) by sticking up for stay-at-home moms everywhere. My mom is a stay-at-home mom and I’ve seen how hard she works. She might not get paid, but it is hard work. Women who work outside of the home also work really hard because, on top of having a job, they also have to do all the work a stay-at-home mom has to do. It’s difficult being a woman, y’all.

Of course, Ms. Rosen did apologize for the comment that she made regarding Ann Romney. Good for you Ms. Rosen, it takes a big girl to say sorry. She also went ahead and explained her comment by saying that being a stay-at-home mom is a luxury that most American women can’t afford (for the full article click here). It’s true most women have to work to support their families, but that doesn’t make the work that women do as stay-at-home moms any less valuable.

I can guarantee that there are tons of other people that would make that same statement as Ms. Rosen, and not even apologize or clarify it because they believe it to be true.

Obviously, this can turn into a polarizing debate. That’s not the point, in fact, this isn’t even about politics. The point is that women work hard regardless if they’re staying home or are working moms (seriously, though, props to working moms). So, let’s all just take a minute and see what would happen if moms around the world just stopped working as hard as they do, and took a day off:

1. I bet that there would be a lot of badly dressed kids. One time, my mom was out of town and my dad had to take care of my sister and me. Man, seven year old me was werking some unfortunate outfits.

2. Obviously, fast-food places would experience a pretty awesome boon in business. People gotta eat, right?

3. Remember when your mom would make cupcakes at 11pm because you forgot to tell her about the bake sale that was going to happen the next day? You guessed it: no cupcakes.

4. I’m fairly certain that an emergency bus system would have to be put in place. Kids have to get to school and their extracurricular activities, right? Mmmhmmm, moms drive us around everywhere when we’re kids.

5. Oh, and all that unconditional support and love that you get from your mom (yup, that’s part of the job description)? Gone. Who would tell you where babies come from?

Obviously, dads do a lot of these things too. Dads are just as awesome as moms. The thing is, the value of a man’s work rarely gets questioned. It’s an unfortunate, but true, part of life. Moms, whether they stay home or not, are working hard have healthy and happy families. It’s unjust to devalue any of the work women perform. It’s a much better idea to support women in their work, whatever that work may be, instead of playing at whose work is more difficult.

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