This Week, The World Is Going to Have a Good Cry

Sometimes, don’t you just need a good cry? Don’t you just feel the need to open up your tear ducts and let a river run down your face?

Maybe I over-indulge in the pity party department, but sometimes I just need to cry. A good sob can do wonders. It’s this wonderful catharsis that you can experience in the privacy of your own home. Don’t misunderstand me, if you break down in public that’s cool. Been there, done that. On a personal level, it’s something that actually scares me: having a public cry-fest. It’s so embarrassing. Last winter, I dropped my aunt off at the airport. I hadn’t seen her in almost three years and when we were saying goodbye I sort of started to cry…hard. It’s the worst. You can actually hear people feeling sorry for you.

Not okay.

On the way home I berated myself for not putting my game face on. Why am I such a pansy?

I really don’t know what happened to me. All I need now is a sad video about children or animals to make me start weeping. When I was little, I don’t remember crying at everything like I do now. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t experiencing surges of hormones every few weeks back then.

However, this article isn’t supposed to be about my issues with controlling my emotions. This is about a good self-induced cry, and why the world would benefit from one:

1. You just feel so much better afterwards. A tragedy doesn’t need to happen for you to need a good sob. A few crappy days in a row is all you need to merit a concerted effort to make yourself cry.

2. I know this isn’t true for everyone, but attempting to make yourself cry is an opportunity to watch The Notebook. It’s a beautiful story (AKA you get to stare at Ryan Gosling).

3. After you’re done with your sob-fest, there’s a good excuse to treat yourself to something nice. Any excuse to be self-indulgent is a good excuse. In the words of Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec, “Treat yo’ self.” Speaking of Parks and Rec, when is it coming back? I need my Leslie and Ben fix.

4. You can eat that cookie (I’d eat it anyway). It’s called comfort food for a reason. It’s there to comfort you after psyching yourself up, and consequently weeping, over the state of the world. All you have to do is look up sad videos of children and animals on YouTube.

5. Kleenex would be one happy camper. No tears for them.

There is this idea that showing emotion, i.e. crying, is weak, but that’s not the reality. Bottling up emotions and not letting yourself feel them is a lot worse. Eventually you explode (been there, and done that too) and that’s not good for you. If you need to cry, then go ahead and do it.¬†It does sort of suck that the next day you will probably wake up with puffy eyes (I’ve heard that you can use hemorrhoid cream to make the puffiness go away), but at the very least you’ll feel a lot better.

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