This Week, The World Is Getting Disconnected

The unimaginable happened approximately a week ago. My computer DIED.  Actually, I’m not entirely sure what happened… I shut it off the previous night and when I tried to turn it on the following day, it was gone forevermore from my life. Trust me, I tried everything to bring my beloved back from computer heaven, but nothing worked. I ended up being disconnected from the world (I’m prone to hyperbole) for three whole days.

It was a freakishly productive time in my life.

Not that I don’t love wasting my time online, but it surprised me how much time I had on my hands being disconnected from the internet. I read Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I cleaned my room. I started organizing my closet (keyword: started). I cleaned out my side table. I made my bed. I started reading a new book.

The internet is a wonderful thing, but it is also the perpetual professional procrastinator’s  perfect tool (I love alliteration). It’s beautiful. Obviously, there’s other stuff you can do with a computer, but access to the internet is the most important  to me. So here’s what’s gonna happen if all of us got disconnected for a few days from the interwebs:

1. There would be a burst of efficiency worldwide. All those things that you’ve been putting off because you just had to check your tumblr, well you would be so bored that you would willingly do them.

2. A lot of cleaning would be going on. I clean when I get bored, and I’m just going to go ahead and assume other people do too.

3. All those hobbies that you’ve forgotten about would be brought out of retirement. Things like…crafting and scrapbooking. Fun, right?

4. Reading. I predict that people would remember that there are these things called books that are pretty great.

5. Who knows? Maybe none of this would happen, and the internet crashing worldwide would cause The End of the World (In which case, I would be playing Britney Spears’ ‘Til the World Ends’).

Seriously, I kind of recommend shutting off your internet for an entire day (except to read HelloGiggles, of course). What you can get accomplished is pretty amazing. You can so all sorts of stuff when you’re not constantly refreshing your Facebook page. However, seeing as I am plugged back in, I’m just going to go and watch Parks & Rec on Hulu. I am so happy to have a computer again.

Image via CounterIntuity

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