This Week, Let's Obsess Over TV Shows

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There are a lot of TV shows that, for whatever reason, I didn’t watch when they were actually on the air. Alternatively, they might still be on the air, but I need to catch up. One of my favorite activities is to sit myself down and watch season, after season, after season of a TV show. Not having to wait a week for the newest episode is one of the sweetest feelings on Earth.

Two summers ago, I was taking a vector calculus class in the mornings (8am-11am, I wanted to die) and when I got home I would, if I felt like it, study and then watch as many episodes as I could of Nip/Tuck. Before that, I believe it had been Dead Like Me. Last summer, I worked my way through The Real Housewives of New Jersey  and met my all-time favorite housewife, Caroline Manzo. More recently, I have rampaged through seasons one and two of Downton Abbey (Matthew Crawley…) and Game of Thrones (and GirlsI might have a problem)

I have what is probably an unhealthy dependence on television for entertainment. I love to read, but when I find a show that I like, I wont stop until I’m done watching all of it. I just have to know what happens next, and since I have no patience, the next logical thing for me to do is obsess over every episode.

Then, all of sudden, I’ve watched every episode that is available and I’m either sad because there will never be another episode or because I have to wait for the fall for new episodes to be released. I wish that my favorite TV shows were like novelas (Mexican soap operas) and there was a new episode each day of the week. The World could not handle that:

1. A lot of people, myself included, would wither away at their computer desks. There’s no way I would miss a new episode of Parks and Rec (aka my beloved Leslie Knope) to do errands and other stupid adult things.

2. I just want to know how ratings would be affected by airing a new episode each day.

3. Maybe, just maybe, my shows would air during the summer too.

4. Wouldn’t we be all so happy to be rid of that stupid week waiting period?

Okay, maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea. My understanding is that writing for television is really stressful. I don’t want the people who delight me with a new episode each week to suffer. More importantly, I don’t want the quality of my shows to decline. Selfish, but true. For the time being I’m going to find another show to obsess over, and watch as many episodes as I possibly can in the shortest amount of time possible. Any suggestions?

Also, I’d like to know which shows you guys and gals have stealthily watched every episode of. I don’t care what it is, trust me, I won’t judge. I am not ashamed (I probably should be) to admit that I watched both seasons of Dance Moms in about a weekend and a half. It happens. If you want any suggestions from me, hit me up on Twitter!

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  • Erin Thomas-Admire

    My recent TV addiction is Breaking Bad. I’m wayyy late to the BB craze, but now that I’m in it’s all I think about. I cant imagine how much the fans from the beginning stressed watching the show week by week instead of all at once!My husband and I went on a 13 episode binge Sunday! I also watched all of Girls season one on a sick day, and had a Felicity marathon a few months ago.

  • Carolanne Donovan

    I do this all the time! My most recent obsessions were watching 30 Rock on Netflix from the beginning and a chance encounter with Greys Anatomy season 2 a few weekends ago had me go back to the very beginning! I watch General Hospital and The Young & The Restless and being able to go home after work every day to watch is great, the only down side is that since it is on every day my favorite characters might only be on 2 days a week.

    So while the idea of Greys being on M-F is great, I can’t help but think there wouldn’t be enough of Meredith and Derek (for example) in a given week and I’d still be counting the days until they have an awesome story line again!

  • Linda Lagerström

    Yesterday i finished watching the latest season of How I Met Your Mother. I took me a week.

  • Kathy Kitt

    My obsession is Supernatural. I’ve watched every episode multiple times. Not only does it have avery well done story arc but, it has three of the best looking men on TV. I’m actually going to a convention in September.

  • Mariela Monegro

    SUITS!!! SUITS!!! SUITS!!!! It´s on USA and it´s second season premiered just a couple of weeks ago. Great characters, interesting story lines, smart, sexy and very funny!!!

  • Lauren Hardy

    I’m the same way. I love Netflix and Hulu for their contribution to my tv obsessions. The current series that I just watched and played catch up on are Doctor Who, Grimm and The New Girl. And hey, I don’t know how you feel about Dawson’s Creek, but I was pretty excited when I saw it on Netflix.

  • Barclee Woods

    Firefly, then the film sequel Serenity. Also, every episode of Buffy and the 2 seasons of Dollhouse. I’m a Joss Whedon nerd lol. I also recommend True Blood and Friends. I know Friends is always on tv, but it’s surprising how many good jokes are edited out.

  • Barclee Woods

    Oh and also Mad Men is on Netflix. I go home on my lunch breaks, so I like having a quick episode of something to watch while I eat. Friends is good for this because I forget about work and laugh, and the episodes are only 30 mins so they fit in nicely in a quick lunch break.

  • Sandra Byles

    I have done this so many times, I’ve lost count. It’s one of my favourite summer activities! It’s how I got into West Wing, Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Misfits, Parks & Rec, Archer, Queer as Folk, the original Muppet Show and most recently Necessary Roughness. Totally heartbreaking when I finish a series though, knowing I’ll never get any more. I still mourn the loss of The West Wing.

  • Maria A. Hernandez-Venegas

    YES. I love all of this! TV watching is one of my preferred hobbies. I probably shouldn’t consider it a hobby, but I do because I’m not actually doing anything. Anyhow, I tried to go back and watch Buffy because my parents didn’t let me watch it as a kid, but I got scared. Sad, but true. Now I know why my parents wouldn’t let me watch it. Glad you liked the article!

  • Rufusbabe Reid

    My fiancee and I do this all the time since we’re very poor saving for our wedding and paying off our house! We are in the middle of NCIS LA and have watched many shows before this like Once Upon A Time and The Secret Circle! I even watched every single episode of Sex and the City… only breaking to go to work! :) I love TV!

  • Lyraida Maldonado Caraballo

    I just spent the last few days devoting all of my free time to finishing House (I was missing the last 11 episodes) and now that it’s over I’m pretty sure I have separation anxiety and my mental state has been altered. I wish I was in a world where House existed now. Next up: catching up with Royal Pains.

  • Maria Paula Ortiz

    Caste and Rizzoli & Isles. I am OBSESSED. I have seen every single episode. The best part is that Castle is in fall/spring but rizzoli and isles is a summer show so I don’t have time to get depressed about Castle ending because soon enough I have R&I to fall back into

  • Shannon Paige Dennison

    Being Erica. It’s on Netflix Canada.

  • Cassandra Corrine

    Oh it’s Sherlock. Lots and lots of Sherlock. Now Once Upon A Time

  • Hailey Case

    Well let’s see…Bones (x2), Grey’s Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, The Finder, and Veronica Mars is my current obsession:)

  • Brittany Anne Meyer

    Ally McBeal is on Netflix… Seriously, best show ever. I know I was like super young when it was on originally like 15 years ago but it is seriously amazing. I cried and cried and cried at the last episode because I just got so invested in everyone. I probably sound like a crazy person but it was just a really great show ok? Now I’m watching the Kardashians “for fun,” but like last night I watched Khloe and Lamar’s wedding episode and balled my eyes out so… there goes that. I’m now invested in the Kardashians lives too. At least they’re real people… lol

  • Saskia Williams

    I marathon so many TV series, but luckily have the excuse of studying Media, so it counts as ‘homework’…Kind of.
    I’m completely obsessed with Breaking Bad, it totally lives up to the hype!
    If you like scie-fi (or even if you don’t) Firefly is amazing, as is Battlestar Galactica!
    Everyone should try out Deadwood and Justified, you’ll be hooked after a few episodes I promise :) Same goes for Luther and Sherlock, they’re amazing British shows. Oh! and The first two season of Misfits.

  • Nicole Trusty

    I am the same way with Netflix! So far this summer, I have watched every episode to date of The Walking Dead and Grey’s Anatomy. Right now I am on the last season of Prison Break, and I’m about to move on to Samantha Who! :)

  • Jennifer Petrie

    AWKWARD. has been my Tv obsession lately!! Its such a good show! Older shows where I’ve seen probably every episode are Dawsons Creek (UHG), Gilmore Girls (THE BEST), The Office (OF COURSE), and I really liked the Walking dead show! My guilty pleasure is the Bachelorette! I know she’s choosing Jef… <3

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